Christmas is coming.

Monday saw Sarah and I go to DeMontfort Hall in Leicester to watch the ‘Chairman’s Concert’, we had the school choir participating. It was another brilliant night, the choir were exceptional, it is a shame that they can’t see and hear themselves sing when they perform. Sue is still working full time and had lesson plans to prepare so couldn’t accompany us (I have that after Christmas to look forward to).
Jamie had a few days in Birmingham, he was working at the NEC at another Fashion Show, he seems to enjoy himself, but he is a man of few words, and you can never tell.
Nan is fine and I think getting excited about Christmas. She has already volunteered to look after Lucas when we go ten-pin bowling on Christmas Eve (family tradition).
Sarah cooked a salmon dish at school on Friday, and she got another ‘A’, but because she doesn’t eat fish (apparently, it tastes disgusting), she brought it home and Sue and I had it for tea (very nice).
On Saturday we went to Newark for Lucas’s first birthday party. The weather was terrible; wet, windy and cold. Just like the day he was born. Lucas is now very much not a baby, toddling about, getting into mischief and flashing (to everyone he approves of) a very disarming smile. Of course, he preferred the boxes to the actual contents of the presents and crawled in and out of them while the grown-ups got out the spanners and screwdrivers to amuse themselves with that British tradition of ‘Let’s see how much of a muddle we can make of this without reading the instructions!’ Charlotte had taken charge of the party foo (so there was enough to feed the population of Newark) and I think Suraj had taken charge of the drinks (so there was enough to drown them!), luckily Sue and one of the neighbours helped out by quaffing most of a case of Asti. Considering whose birthday party, it was, Lucas and his friend Hamish (who unfortunately is going to acquire an unfathomable Scottish accent from his dad when he grows up) did the sensible thing and allowed the grownups to take over the party themselves. We left for home when Lucas went to bed around 8pm.  I judged that this 1st birthday party wasn’t going to stop just because the host had fallen asleep, and that Sunday was going to arrive before the neighbours left. It was a difficult journey home for Sue, apparently, the car seemed to be randomly moving. She retired not quite so gracefully to bed as soon as we touched down in Harborough.  Brilliant party, lovely neighbours and friends, not sure Lucas yet knows how to conduct himself properly at parties, but there are encouraging signs (he did throw up once!).

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