Is this the end?

With the death rate now bobbing along close to the base lane of the pandemic curve and production of an effective vaccine likely within six months or less, are we seeing the end to COVID-19? The Spanish Flu in 1918, ripped around the planet in several waves, eventually killing between 20-50 million unfortunate souls. We are fortunate that Corona-virus has a much lower fatality rate than the Spanish Flu and that is its weakness. Vaccination, nearly eradicated diphtheria, bacterial influenza, measles, mumps, polio, rubella, and tetanus from the planet in those countries that had effective campaigns to vaccinate its population, they are only with us still today because of those countries too poor to implement a similar offensive. Though the majority of the infected by COVID-19 have little or no symptoms, there remains a substantial swathe of people who recover and are left with long term and/or life changing reactions. Leaders of the world have to recognise that this is a problem for the whole of humanity, simple as that, or we’re doomed.

18/08/20 After testing positive for corona-virus 12 have died in the UK.

Sue took Ellis and Lucas to take part in a treasure hunt at East Carlton Park and I dug up the last row of potatoes and cut back the ivy around the garage and house before the predicted heavy showers made an appearance.

Jamie and Ruth visited during the evening. Ruth has a promotion interview tomorrow and she wanted me to to look over her preparation and discuss a few points on interview technique. She is well prepared and should be able to demonstrate that she is more than capable of doing the job. Because of the present restrictions, the interview will be conducted on the Zoom platform, it surely is becoming a very different world.

19/08/20 After testing positive for corona-virus 16 have died in the UK.

Maddie takes on Nala.

A lawsuit, filed in a federal court in Maryland, accuses Louis DeJoy of “weaponising the United States Postal Service to disenfranchise Americans who choose to vote by mail.” Mr DeJoy, a major donor to Donald Trump who was named head of the postal service in May, has overseen a raft of changes to working practices since his arrival — including the removal of mail processing machines and a ban on overtime — which caused severe delays to mail delivery. Another example of Trump’s anti-democratic, dictatorial machinations to remain president, attempting to avoid a jail sentence that would surely follow his defeat.

20/08/20 After testing positive for corona-virus 6 have died in the UK. Holidaymakers who visit Croatia, Austria, Trinidad and Tobago will have to self-isolate for 14 days on their return to the UK, but Portugal has now been removed from the list.

“I’m sorry, it failed on a dodgy magic tree.”

21/08/20 After testing positive for corona-virus 16 have died in the UK.

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy said there was “no intention” to return mail sorting machines that were removed in recent weeks, after it was reported that at least 671 machines were removed in critical voting states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin and Georgia, among others. Dejoy said those machines were “not needed”, while adding that he supports vote-by-mail efforts amid the pandemic. An obvious and  blatant attempt to disenfranchise the voters of America.

Great joy, Sue’s little Suzuki Alto passed its MOT with flying colours! No advisories!

22/08/20 After testing positive for corona-virus 18 have died in the UK.

On May 10th, Charlotte, Jamie and Sarah were going to treat Sue to a tea party for Mother’s Day, they had paid for this special treat at a venue in Rothwell, but lockdown had been put it on hold. Today, after a lot of rearranging they had their party, however, due to restrictions it couldn’t be held on the premises, so after collecting the various food items the group relocated to Charlotte’s kitchen. It was planned to eat in the garden but because of frequent showers they moved indoors. Back at Willow bank, as I scoffed self-made cheese and tomato sandwiches for my lunch, I looked on in envy at the photos popping up on our family Messenger group of the supplied banquet.

During the afternoon Jim came over to watch the Tigers v Bath game on TV with me. It was another depressing defeat where the Tiger’s coaching squad seemed to think it was a good idea to make 13 changes from the last game and ‘blood’ the club’s youngsters against a team of gnarly professionals who had no trouble in putting the ‘babies’ to the sword. There was no paying crowd to rail from the stands, demanding that the cost of the ticket entitled them to see the best that the club could field to win the game. The coaches may have written the rest of this unnatural season off, but we fans are still here and want to see the Tigers try to win a game.

Late in the evening, Jamie and Ruth drove over to Wolverhampton for a ghost hunt at Graisley Old Hall. Using Apps (hi-tech ghosts?) they wandered the rooms listening out for spooks until the early hours of the morning. The only report on Messenger was that they were both ‘touched’ by a ghost!

23/08/20 After testing positive for corona-virus 6 have died in the UK.

Today is Susan’s birthday. She chose to celebrate it early by attending Saddington car boot sale at 6am and searching for that castaway item that could make her/us a fortune. She didn’t open her cards and presents until she returned at 9.30am. I booked lunch at the Red Lion in Welham as an extra treat and at 1pm we joined a surprisingly large number of other diners.  Due to the government’s half price meals on Mondays to Wednesdays, I had expected that Sundays would be fairly quiet with full price menus. I was wrong, there was even a large group of ramblers who followed us into the pub.

During a very wet and miserable afternoon, while Sue had a catnap, I visited Jim and Bridget to install a couple of Wi-Fi PIR’s Jim had purchased and linked them to their mobiles and Google Home App for them.

Unfortunately, the Social Club that friends and I frequent to play pool on Thursday nights (and have been doing so for a couple of decades) has had to close. Along with many other establishments, it shut its doors in March and now COVID-19 has been its demise. Very sad, the end of another era.

Late in the evening Charlotte sent the family a fascinating link concerning Rothwell Church, most of the family has toured the bone crypt underneath the church.

24/08/20 After testing positive for corona-virus 4 have died in the UK.

A very pleasant late summer day. Sue drove over to Rothwell at 8.30am and picked Ellis up, then back to Harborough to collect Doreen, before continuing to Tropical Birdland in Desford. They had great time feeding the various species parrot and other exotic bird life on show. Sue and I had enjoyed  a visit there a couple years ago and Sue was keen to take the boys. Unfortunately for Lucas, he is now back at school so Sue gave her friend Doreen the opportunity to get out after being isolated for so long.

They had a packed lunch at the sanctuary before moving on to see Sarah and Alice in Newbold Verdon. They only stayed a short while before returning to Harborough. I spent the day with our nearly exotic three legged cat and cleared out one side of the greenhouse replacing the tomatoes with Cape Gooseberry plants.

25/08/20 After testing positive for corona-virus 15 have died in the UK.

Ellis’s choice of a half price meal!

A horrible windy day with storm Francis gusting up to 45mph, knocking over the garden chairs and ripping the protective cover off the dining room awning. It was a day for sheltering inside, though early on, before the wind arrived we had a visitor. We had agreed a few weeks ago that Jim could store his car on our driveway when it eventually arrived in the country after being shipped from Cyprus. Until they have alterations made to their house and garden  there isn’t the room to park it alongside their Fiat Panda. We chatted for around an hour before the transporter arrived with his Honda 4×4. After transferring the items stored inside into the Panda he left in driving rain and an increasing wind.


I spent the rest of the day day mooching around  (copying video files for Sarah and Charlotte), waiting for the England v Pakistan cricket Test to get under way on the radio. Annoyingly, after a much delayed start,  it did so at 3.30pm!!  I was eager to listen to  James Anderson claim  his 600th Test wicket and thus become the first fast bowler in history to reach this milestone. He did so when Pakistan’s Azhar Ali was caught in the slips, but frustratingly the wait had dulled my senses and with weary eyes I had fallen asleep at the critical moment!!!! Damn you storm Francis!

26/08/20 After testing positive for corona-virus 16 have died in the UK. It was announced today that Secondary school pupils must wear face coverings in school corridors in local lockdown areas of England. As a member of the COVID-19 Symptom Research group I received an email this morning inviting me to take another test. Unlike the previous one this invite included anyone living in the same household. Though neither of us consider ourselves infected, we went on-line and booked a postal test. Tomorrow we should receive the pack.

27/08/20 After testing positive for corona-virus 12 have died in the UK. Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Jamaica are to be removed from the UK’s travel corridor list meaning arrivals from those countries will have to quarantine for two weeks.

During the morning, Sue took Ellis, Lucas and Harry to Irchester Country Park. They returned early in the afternoon before the rain arrived to spoil the day. I spent the time sourcing and ordering a large quantity of Shiplap cladding to replace the wood on the garage that I spotted has woodworm.

Our COVID-19 test arrived by special delivery at 6pm. We didn’t get around to doing the test until 8pm as it involved registering on-line and like all government websites, it was tricky to navigate. With swabs scraped across tonsils, pushed up noses and safely sealed in a biohazard bag, we constructed the two cardboard boxes to send the packages to the test centre and posted them in the priority post-box located just up the road. Now we wait.

Treemendous photo!

Girly time!

Ellis and ants.

Sleepy Alice.

Swinging Charlotte.









28/08/20 After testing positive for corona-virus 10 have died in the UK. The number of people testing positive for coronavirus has declined for the first time in six weeks.

During a very rainy evening we invited Jim and Bridget around for drinks, nibbles and a natter.

29/08/20 After testing positive for corona-virus 12 have died in the UK. Thousands of anti-lockdown protesters have gathered in central London, claiming corona-virus is a “hoax”. The “Unite For Freedom” march started in Trafalgar Square at noon on Saturday, with demonstrators calling for ‘no more lockdowns, ‘no to vaccinations’ and ‘no to government lies’. Tens of thousands of people had gathered at the German capital’s Brandenburg Gate proclaiming their opposition to vaccinations, face masks and the German government in general.  

Every nation has its muttonheads. There are those that believe the world is flat, the moon landings never took place, the Lochness monster exists etc. etc. etc.  They form a dull-witted but harmless group within a mainly tolerant society who view them as misguided or quirky, however, as of today 844,656 people have been registered world-wide as having died of COVID-19 with 25,092,338 confirmed infected cases. Not insignificant figures! Do these people take not notice of the pleas from those charged with tending to the infected? Are they oblivious to the tales of despair from the families of those affected? Are they heartless or just plain stupid?

A wet and dismal day had Sue and Doreen visiting Charlotte for coffee and a natter while I tidied up the garage of the detritus accumulated over the last few months. Sarah, Lee and Alice visited Cosby and their Cosby Yarn Bomb Festival. Many villages have a scarecrow festival, but Cosby village does it differently, the locals get out their knitting needles and create.


30/08/20 After testing positive for corona-virus 1 person died in the UK. All passengers who were on a flight from Zante to Cardiff have been ordered to self-isolate after seven confirmed cases of coronavirus onboard.

The photo is of the Rothwells preparing their Sunday lunch after an energetic morning walk with Harry. Ellis looks very proud of the Yorkshire puddings that he made all on his own.

30/08/20 After testing positive for corona-virus 2 people died in the UK.

The Rothwells dropped Harry off early this morning as they were having a family day in Leicester. While I took Harry for a long walk through the fields between Harborough and Lubenham, they visited the Treetop Adventure Crazy Golf centre, afterwards they visited the Leicester Museum and their Lego special display.

After lunch I drove over to Desborough to see if I could fix Jamie’s ceiling lights. Their is a fault in the ring circuit, I discovered the Earth lead was live. but after a couple of hours of trying to rectify the problem I gave up and advised him to contact a proper electrician. I returned to Harborough with Joey, he had expressed a wish to pick some of the sweetcorn I had grown, I was keen for him to pick as much as possible to take home. This year I have much more than I need. He managed to pick half a large sack full.

I arrived at Willow bank to find both Sarah and Charlotte’s family sat in the lounge. They were going out for an Indian meal with Jamie, Ruth and Joey early in the evening.  Being ultra-cautious, Sue and I had opted not to join them. It is such a shame, but these are not normal times, plus we also hadn’t yet had the results back from our recent COVID-19 test. From the photo and reports on the meal they had a great time and it being the last day of the Government scheme they only had to pay half the bill.

Late in the evening Sue and I received notification of our COVID-19 test informing us  that we are both virus free!

Live Earth!!!

Lego Display


Ten for an Indian.



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