Rambling on.

09/08/20 After testing positive for corona-virus 10 die in the UK.

Sue rose at 5am and was at the gate for 6am attending the first Saddington car boot since last season. Naturally, there were strict rules in place on moving around the site and on approaching the stalls. She reported that unusually, only a few punters had turned up for such an early start, but there was a queue at the entrance when she left a couple of hours later. Among other things, bought  a very ornate wooden bench for the garden.

After rising considerably later, I drove down to Rothwell and dropped off the Singer sewing machine treadle table that Charlotte was looking forward to renovating . It belonged to my Welsh grandmother and it has been in Aunt Josie’s possession for over 40 years. None of her children have any interest in it so she was overjoyed that this bit of family history has been saved from being recycled at the dump.

Jamie, Ruth and Joey landed back in the country at 5.30pm, pleased that Boris Johnson hadn’t put France on the quarantine list before they had returned, thus forcing them to stay isolated for two weeks.

During the evening I cycled down to the Beer House and met Jim and Bridget for a drink. They are still roughing it in their new home, the furniture they have ordered is on a six week delivery. They have two chairs, a blow-up bed and a TV to amuse them.

10/08/20 After testing positive for corona-virus 7 have died in the UK. First time into single figures!

Late on a very hot evening, Jamie and Ruth arrived to pick up Maddie. They brought Sue a new suitcase to replace the one damaged on their previous trip away.

8 11/08/20 After testing positive for corona-virus 8 have died in the UK. Trump’s rambling excuse for his performance in tackling COVID -19 gives an insight into how little he knows about important historical world events. Cringeworthy!

Another hot day. I had a 10am hospital appointment with the Podiatrist to fit some inserts into my shoe in order to stop my right foot from wanting to roll over when walking. Charlotte dropped the boys off at 9am as she was working in Harborough all day. Sue had been looking forward to entertaining the boys and took them into town while I was attending my appointment. After lunch we played sweaty games  of table tennis in the garden until we began to melt, then a few less energetic games of petanque until we dissolved! Seeking refuge indoors we played a game of ‘Tell Me‘ until we had cooled down enough to cope with an air-con (on full) drive into town, for ice creams at Gallones. Taking advantage of the government’s half price meals we rather pigged out on the chilly stuff. Looking rather hot, burnt and tired, Charlotte collected the boys at 4pm.

12/08/20 After testing positive for corona-virus 77 have died in the UK. The UK heatwave has broken a 59-year record for six consecutive 34C days.

Charlotte and niece.

During another difficult, hot and humid day, Sue went Hydro-Biking on the River Soar with her U3A Experience Group. She travelled to Barrow upon Soar in the north of Leicestershire where they hired some nifty water-borne craft from Barrow boats. She reported that it was a brilliant day, lots of wild-life seen and a very easy and unique way to see it.

Her sister Philippa travelled to Bristol to take part in the ITV game show Tipping Point. She had to be at the studios for 7.30am as under COVID-19 regulations she had to do her own hair and make-up for the cameras, as well as have several changes of clothes available. We won’t know how well she did until the programme is aired (she won’t tell!) We are looking forward to watching the programme when it is eventually shown.

Sarah travelled to Rothwell so that she could show Alice to Charlotte and family.

13/08/20 After testing positive for corona-virus 18 have died in the UK.

Sue had a rather delayed start to her U3A Nature Group day at Fermyn Country Park , Brigstock. First, she mislaid the power adapter for the Tomtom, after finding it she had to do a U-turn on the driveway and return, the front off-side tyre was flat! Transferring her gear into my car, I gave her the news that I didn’t have enough fuel to get to Brigstock and back. Leaving, she returned 5 minutes later to inquire as to how to open the petrol cap. She eventually arrived at the venue in surprisingly good time, but after just a short time observing what wild life there was, a heavy thunderstorm brought a soggy end to the activity and she was back home for 12.20pm. Perhaps this activity did not meet with the gods approval?

That afternoon, while Sue had a check-up at St. Lukes hospital I took her car to the garage and had the defective tyre replaced. In the evening I was planning to host a soiree in the garden with my pool playing friends, but a series of heavy rain storms put paid to that. Instead, Sue and I watched ‘At Eternity’s Gate‘, a biopic of the final years of Van Gogh’s life. As confused a direction as the mind of Van Gogh himself, but non-the-less we found it interesting, even with its rather grating musical score.

14/08/20 After testing positive for corona-virus 11 died in the UK. France, Netherlands, Monaco, Malta, Turks & Caicos & Aruba have been added to the UK’s travel quarantine list.

Sarah, Lee and Alice dropped Mia off at Willow Bank at 7am on their journey down to Devon for a well deserved break. They are staying in Paignton until Monday.

During Mia’s afternoon walk I met up with Jim and his two dogs, Harby and Shoby. Unsurprisingly, we ended up sitting in the courtyard of the Three Swans, enjoying the sun and a few refreshments while the animals relaxed under the table.

Babbacombe Model Village


15/08/20 After testing positive for corona-virus 3 have died in the UK.

On a murky day in Devon Sarah and family visited Babbacombe Model Village. Despite the poor weather they seem to be enjoying themselves.

Exeter Chiefs took on a revamped Leicester Tigers in a restart of the pandemic affected rugby season. Unfortunately, despite some encouraging moments for the Tigers, the confidence and strength of the Chiefs gave them the expected victory. I watched the game with some friends in the lounge, providing pizza at half time to soften the disappointment.

During the evening Sue and I watched Unbroken: Path to Redemption, a World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption based on the the true story of Olympian Louis Zamperini.

Philippa and Alice.


16/08/20 After testing positive to corona-virus 5 died in the UK.

Last night Jamie and Ruth visited friends who live in Belvoir Castle and watched their annual fire-works display. Today it was back to DIY for Jamie as he tiled the family bathroom.

On a day of thunderstorms and heavy rain in Harborough,Sarah, Lee and Alice paid a visit to Sue’s sister in Buckfastleigh for a lovely cream tea. The question is: Is it cream first or is it jam first? This is a very contentious issue within the family.

16/08/20 After testing positive for corona-virus, 3 have died in the UK. Crowds of protesters gathered in the Spanish capital on Sunday to voice their opposition to the mandatory use of face masks and other measures imposed to contain the spread of corona-virus. What??? So what do they think the alternative is? Drinking disinfectant? Such erroneous thinking is reminiscent of Don Quixote and of course he died from a fever!

Today we took Lucas, Ellis, Mia and Harry to Fermyn Woods Country Park. Sue had visited with her U3A Nature Group last week but due to a thunderstorm they had to cut short their visit. There is a small cafe by the car park where we planned to have lunch after completing our exploration of the site.

There are three trails  which meander through woodland, meadow and by a series of ponds. Over three hours we completed all but the longest Orange route, which we cut short as Ellis complained his legs were tired. There was a light shower on our return. The site is well laid out and huge efforts have been made to encourage as wide a variety of wildlife as possible, though regrettably, other than a few birds and butterflies we saw very little. I would suspect that a visit close to dawn or dusk would reap rewards. We had lunch on a picnic bench outside the cafe, along with several other family groups who were taking the opportunity to get out after the storms of the last few days. Afterwards, the boys enjoyed the adventure play ground while Sue returned to the ponds to take a few photos and I occupied the two dogs with a short walk.

Sarah, Lee and Alice arrived early in the evening from their break in Devon, they had made a disappointing stop in Weston-Super-Mare on their way back, to discover that it is very commercial and expensive. They spent a little time with us before packing the car with Mia’s things and returning home. Sometime later we had a fleeting visit from Jamie and Ruth, they were going shopping in B&M and Ruth had left her mask at home, we gave her one of our many spares.

Strangely, apart from Sue and I the rest of the family ate out in Harborough this evening, taking advantage of the Government’s half price meal scheme. Sarah and Family in Casa Nostra (Italian), Charlotte and family in Zizzi (Italian) and Jamie and Ruth in Cinnamon Spice (Indian), each  without the others knowing. What has happened to the family telepathy?


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