2nd blogg from Thailand

 This week we have been more lively, we now have a car (Toyota Saluna) with the necessary air conditioning.
We have visited a few of our favourite beaches, and they are still as lovely as ever, except a beach up north where there are statues in the sea and the locals visit it at week-ends. A hotel is now being built there and though the beach is fine, it has destroyed its uniqueness and promises to be very busy in the future. We love its quietness and it is so picturesque. The pace we normally eat there produced some lovely food, but wanted 200baht each to use the pool. We decided to use the free sea next door. Jamie wandered off and came back half an hour later carrying a Thai flag (didn’t say where he got it from). I discovered that I really like lime ice-cream, and now I scoff one at every opportunity (It might even be preferable to Singha beer! Not likey!) even Sue says she likes them.
We went to our favourite ATV course (Quad bikes) and Sarah, Jamie and I had a pleasant time thrashing around the courses getting splattered with mud. Later on we found aq foot massage place, we all had one and it was lovely. After that, we had some tyres and flopped about in them on the sea at a local beach south of Hua Hin. I scoffed a few more lime ice-creams. I do spend half an hour in the gymn each morning to compensate!
The other night we ate an Irish Bar called Crawfords in Cha am. They were not very busy and we spent until midnight chatting to the owners. They kindly gave us free drinks (Jamie got drunk and several different cocktails and was very happy). The landlord told me that he was the coach to the All Blacks Rugby during the first World Cup. He moved on to coach the South Africans and then Italy. We swapped a lot of rugby stories (but his were better), then moaned about the state of English soccer (it was on the TV at the time) then discussed the merits of drinking Guiness anywhere but in Ireland (there weasn’t any).  Sarah and Jamie played pool all night and Sue talked to his wife about everything, but mostly on how difficult it can be married to a rugby player.
Today we drove out towards the Burmese border to Pala Alua, it is a water fall in the jungle. Your reach it by dirt track. When we got there we were told by the rangers it was closed as it was slippy and dangerous. The track was very muddy and as I didn’t have four wheel drive, we decided to go anyway. We had a great time. Sue enjoyed watching the enormouse butterflies while the kids and I splashed about in the water and did a spot of gully bashing. Jamie and Sarah decided to gully bash down the river back to the car (about a mile away). I went back with the towels to calm Sue’s nerves. Sure enough they emerged out of the river an hour later, full of exciting tales of nearly drowning and river snakes (not what Sue wanted to hear). We stopped at a local roadside market on the way back to nibble some of the local cuisine , I found some durian fruit, I have been lookinh for it since I arrived but have failed so far to discover any. I now have tomorrowsbreakfast!!!

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