4th blogg from Thailand

During this holiday, we have driven further north and west than we have done in the past, as we are nearing the end of our stay, we decided to go south a few days ago and explore there. We managed to get as far as Ban Saphan. A remarkable place, the scenery is stunning, and the sea is exceptional for snorkelling. Jamie and Sarah had a great time swimming in and out of the coves. I was surprised when Jamie remarked on the beauty of the place, he usually seems oblivious to his surroundings.
We decided to stay and found a little hotel (with an air con and TV) for 1000 baht. Which is around fifteen pounds, and for that we had two apartments! The only other Europeans we saw during our stay in the area were three French couples (there has to be a downside), otherwise, it seemed the whole region remains completely undeveloped. If a rich entrepreneur ever came here, I am sure they would see its potential, make a fortune and no doubt spoil its charm and uniqueness. I hope not.
On one of the days, Sarah, Jamie and I hired quad bikes and took them into the mountains, I have to admit that it was the most awesome experience I have had in quite a few years. Thrashing down streams and up steep rocky tracks that only the wildlife goes up, blasting across mudflats and splashing through ponds was brilllllllllllliant. We came back knackered and WOULD HAVE DONE IT AGAIN IF WE HAD HAD THE TIME.
This is probably not the best time to write a blog as I have been sitting on the veranda of my favourite bar overlooking the Andaman Sea on a lovely sunny afternoon after drinking three Singha beers (variable potency) and scoffing a tasty plateful of green curry and chicken. Somehow, I managed to play Jamie at 5 games of pool (won 3 in the world tournament!!!!!!!), then had a massage with Jamie while Sarah had a manicure, Sue was off shopping buying last-minute prezzies. Later, we said goodbye to our friends in the restaurants and around the pool, promising to see them next year (I hope so).
The car went back to Avis yesterday, so we spent time lazing around the hotel and village also we visited the lovely gardens that surround the hotel.  Sounds boring but it was nice to see which places have changed since our last visit and which had not. I am afraid that I rather pigged out at lunchtime (2 servings of green curry with chicken and rice!) and couldn’t manage the evening meal, so the rest of the family went into the village, stuffed themselves, and then went to the Regent for extra cake (and they didn’t bring me any back!). In penance, I got up at 8.00am and went for a run along the beach, the family remained in bed until 10.00am. Lazy critters.
We have been down more caves than I can mention, placed our footprints on spectacular beaches and fed more monkeys, mud skippers, cats and dogs than my old and tired brain can recall. We’ve eaten some fabulous food (there is no better than Thai) talked to some lovely people and had unforgettable experiences. We don’t want to go home tomorrow!

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