An expensive mistake!

We hyave just completed a full wek without any one in the family being ill!!!
I have been bidding for various items on ebay and am now the proud owner of an inflatable canoe (sse photo). I was fascinated with a programme Paul Heinne had done for Anglia TV. He canoed along the lost rivers of the region and I set my mind on doing the same (with Sarah). The canoe purchased, apparently travelled the full length of the Amazon, so it should do the job.
I also won a TWIG mobile phone, it’s Scandinavian and has GPS and satnav on board. I am getting used to it slowly. It will come in handy on the walks I intend to go on in the summer.
Sarah got an ‘A’  in GCSE Maths and cooked a lovely Mexican meal at school for which she got A+. She played Hockey for school during the week, she played in goal and they lost (I suppose the strikers couldn’t score enough at the other end!)
On Friday afternoon Jamie had his rear windows tinted on his car (cost £150). Friday night, he reveresd into a lady’s car in Tesco carpark (cost unknown, as ye!) Looks like no fun until he settles the bill, when it arrives.

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