Winter Days

On the Friday after our return from a much warmer southern hemisphere climate we entertained the Rothwells and Jamie with a couple of curries, one being made from the spices that I had bought at the Spice Farm in Suva. No one complained, so I guess that it must have been acceptable, though I was hoping it would have a unique Pacific kick,  I think it failed on that ground.

The usual entertainment at the first family meal on return from holiday is to subject the clan to a showing of the ‘Holiday Video’. However, I hadn’t time to create my Tarantino masterpiece, so the family had to sit enthralled as I showed the unedited 16 mins 22 secs of the Australia Day fireworks display. After the first 5 mins of spectacular pyrotechnics, those that had access to mobile phones appeared to more engrossed with that technology. How sad that the current generation appear to have very little focus for anything exceeding a few minutes, Sue and I sat mesmerised.

Sue has thrown herself wholeheartedly into the U3A (University of the Third Age).  Not a day seems to go by without her boots being worn on one ramble or another with one of the three groups she has joined, or stylish loose fitting clothing worn for Tai Chi or Wand (I think that class is led by Harry Potter) and I guess I shouldn’t forget the Local History group that she also disappears off to. I wonder is they will be covering the development of local hostelries in the area?

Since returning I have looked after Mia on several occasions, each time we have managed lunch and refreshments  at the Black Horse in the Foxton. The staff now recognise her and there is always biscuits forthcoming and a friendly ear scratch. Charlotte joined me on one occasion and both sisters on another.

As we will be away,on the 18th Charlotte, Jamie and Sarah took Sue out for an early Mother’s Day lunch at an Italian restaurant in Kettering. A lovely thought and great planning. Mia and I consoled ourselves in Foxton.


The following day Sue and I joined Jamie at his works in Sutton Bassett. They were trialling a new venture: Hog Roasts. At the weekend the company were holding their first H/R event in Cannock for over a 1000 people and we along with other family members of the work force were invited for a freebee to practise. It was very good and very filling.

The day after that Sue and I went to see Fleetwood Mac in Northampton. It was Jamie’s Christmas present to me and it was a marvellous evening. Remember Albatross? Magical!!!

The other day, Sue went to see ‘Brooklyn’ at the Odeon in Kettering. Sarah came over with Mia to produce a video on the equipment I have in my study for a presentation she was giving at work. Charlotte dropped by to see her sister and we went out for lunch to Mia’s favourite watering hole.

I have managed a couple of runs up to my allotment and on both occasions made a dent in the large acreage of leeks I planted earlier in the year. I gave half away, but we now have a freezer full of leeks, and there is still 140 left to pick. They will have to wait for our return in April. No doubt they will take the opportunity to grow larger!

This week, I managed to pick up a tummy bug which caused concern as we are going away for quite a while, so I visited the doctor. As a precaution I now have two lots of tablets, annoyingly, one of which prevents me from consuming any alcohol until they are finished. And, I feel OK now!!!!

Sue decided to join me in feeling unwell and spent a day on the settee with the shivers, though being made of sterner stuff seems to have shook it off with nothing else other than paracetamol.

Breaking news:

Sarah and Lee are making wedding plans. Provisional date is August 16th, 2017. Long way to go yet, so no panic.

Jamie and Harley seem to be getting serious and are talking engagement. Jamie and Harley had a meal last week with Harley’s parents. Watch this space.

Lucas has followed his grandad’s lead and written his first book. Though I haven’t had the opportunity to read it yet, by all accounts it is quite amusing. He has also taken to cross-country running and doing quite well.



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