Fiji 5

Today was a flat calm sea day. Last night the clocks went forward one hour, so breakfast had to be taken in one of the buffet restaurants as we were too late for the Sapphire. I missed my eggs Benedict but discovered a very nice cheese and ham omelette station that went some way to alleviating my disappointment.

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

We attended our second ‘Body Language’ lecture at 10am down in Deck 2. The subject matter was on determining your own psychological profile. Lots of fun and highly accurate. Sue and I discovered we were the ideal match for each other in being opposites (Driver v Amiable) with a leaning towards each others profile. The lecture dominated our conversation in the cafe afterwards as we mulled over past episodes that confirmed what we had discovered.

Up until lunch Sue went up on deck to get some fresh air and listen to the music. It’ never long up there before you become engaged in conversation with an Aussie (very gregarious nation).  I chose to read my book in the library and picked a seat by the large internal window that looked down the length of the shopping mall below. From there I could look down on the people below  scurrying around and amuse myself by attempting to read their ‘body language’.


The book I have loaded onto my tablet is the ‘The Sign of Four, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and has so far got my interest.

After lunch we went to the cinema to watch the film ‘The Walk’, it was the story of the Frenchman  who walked across the Twin Towers on a high wire. An interesting tale but the  story-line leant a little bit to much towards the French liking for irrelevant dialogue for my liking. Sue enjoyed it.

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Afterwards Sue back up on deck to continue reading her book, while I retired to the cabin for a nap (to recover from all that arty drivel). I woke in time (when Sue came back to change) for us to go to the theatre and see Phil Cass, Australia’s most renowned magician/comedian. None of his tricks broke new ground but his Aussie banter was highly amusing and we were thoroughly entertained.

Today was a lovely day ‘up top’, flat calm sea, blue sky and hot sun, yet I only once ventured up there, and that was to seek a place to read among the pools deck chairs and waiters. However, reading from a tablet in bright sunshine is near on impossible, so I left Sue to her gamma and ultra-violet rays and returned to the bowels of the ship and the surety and safety of artificial lighting.


We spent our evening meal on our own at the table. The couple we had been sharing with failed to arrive. Looking around the the usually half full dining room it appeared only a quarter full. Aussies don’t seem to like dining in anything other than shorts and t-shirts so avoid the restaurants and use the buffets.

After the meal, we had coffee in one of the cafes. Sue found one of the Sea-pass cards in the loo and I took it to reception and reported its loss. Could have been very expensive for a Merlina Steyes! Who would call their daughter Merlina?

I went to watch The Martian in 3D afterwards while Sue had a walk around the deck then stopped by in one of the lounges to listen to music. We were fast asleep before midnight.

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