Mauritius 1

The air con ensured we had a good nights sleep and it was with reluctance on my part to get out of bed at the unearthly hour of 8am.

Showered and dressed we made our way through the early morning heat to breakfast. Disappointingly, though they drive on the left and speak English, the place names are in French and  so is breakfast! Right up Sue’s street but not mine. Sweet pastries hold no attraction, even in the morning before the senses and taste buds are fully functional. I downed some fruit and quickly followed it with some thinly sliced cheeses and ham. Ok, the bread was good, but there are plenty of nationalities that make decent bread, ciabatta for one!


The Hertz agent arrived on time (10am) and we soon had the paperwork done and acquired the  keys to a Suzuki Alto. Around an hour later we were on the road heading up the coast to discover what ever there was.

First stop was at a national park recovered from an old sugar mill, it was too large an area to explore fully in the heat so we settled for a short walk around the ruins before moving on to Roches Noires. A lovely beach, one of many that we were to discover today.  Moving on from there we came across a shopping complex in Goodlands. Here we bought plenty of water and not enough beer for refreshments during the week. I bought a sausage pizza to eat later.

We found another lovely beach at Grand Gauber and after a little look around we sat awhile and I ate my pizza, Sue munched on some fruit and pretzels (I think she’s gone Frenchified!)

The binoculars have so far come in handy as there are always lovely views where ever we stop and pretty little islands offshore to speculate on.

Never driving for more than 15 minutes before stopping and finding something to look at or walk through we worked our way northwards up the coast to the very top of the island. We must put our feet in this blue sparkling ocean before we move on to the Seychelles, there surely can’t be vicious spiny urchins on every beach?

We topped the island and on our route south came across Grand Baie, so far the most built up resort we have come across. Never-the-less a picture postcard in every direction. Here as a distraction from the white sandy beach we did a spot of shopping, Sue looking for a Dodo and me trying to keep out of her field of view. Returning to the car and beach for a while we watched a game of boule taking place under a canopy of Banyan trees, it was so cool.

With my GPS playing up we headed back to our hotel arriving around 6pm.  After a very short nap we dressed for dinner and then headed back up the coast  to Mauritian restaurant we had spotted earlier in the day. I ate creole and Sue had an Indian.


Back at the hotel we sat with the beer we had bought and watched a three piece band play across the pool from us for about an hour before having a walk along the beach in the starlight and retiring to bed.

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