Fiji 10

Today we woke early especially to visit a rock. Quite a special rock, the Captain had informed us yesterday that he would be diverting his course to pass within 1000m of the tallest sea stack in the world. It was just off the Lord Howe Islands, and rose over 500m from the sea and extended over 3000m to the sea bed. It is called the False Pyramid.

Breakfasted by 7.30am saw us up on top deck with a few other early risers. It was very windy and quite chilly. The warm blue skies had gone to be replaced by racing clouds and more perturbing some of them carried rain. We braced ourselves and ploughed into the wind towards the bow of the sip. There, in the distance you could just make out the huge rock rising vertically from the ocean. It was far too unpleasant being buffeted by the elements to stay so we found a spot on the lower deck sheltered by some steps, but still giving a good view to the side. We would wait for the stack to pass by.

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

I guess we must have waited for around an hour before the mass of volcanic rock slid into view. Prior to that we had a passing shower and Sue had returned to the cabin to fetch sweaters. The Captain had been on the PA several times giving us data on what we were seeing. Having done this route many occasions it is only the second time he has seen the stack. As we neared the huge spike, thoughts of the Costa Concordia passed through our minds. The ship slowed down as we neared and this gave everyone a great opportunity to take as many photos as they wished. By now the decks were crammed and our long wait was rewarded with uninhibited views.


With the stack receding into the distance we returned below to begin our programme of activities for the day.

The lecture today was based on the humour of different nationalities. Many clips were shown for YouTube to illustrate the various points. Most amusing was Paul Hogan’s presentation at the Oscars, his earthy Australian speech ‘brought down’ the mainly American celebrity audience to reality an they were not comfortable. Very funny. Of course Barry Humphries (Dame Edna Everidge) being interviewed by Parkinson with Tom Jones is a classic ‘put you down’ clip.

Afterwards Sue went to read her book on the deck and I sat in the schooner bar and read my book, but she soon joined me as though the sun had come out and it had warmed up, it was too breezy. From there we went to lunch in the Windjammer.

On the way back to our cabin from lunch we met our Cabin Maid who mentioned that she had left the liquor in our room. When we got there we found a case containing four bottles of spirits. On close examination of the box I noticed that it had the wrong cabin number. I found one of the other cabin Maids as ours had gone off duty and the box was eventually relocated to its rightful owner, 7253 instead our our 7523.

Sue toyed with the idea of going for a Forensics lecture in the afternoon and I returned to the Schooner to listen to music and read my book. Later she joined me and as I had just finished my Sherlock Holmes and we sat listening to some splendid live music.

When we eventually returned to our cabin we packed our cases for removal overnight.

Before the evening meal we watched a show in the theatre, comedy, singing and dancing. At the end the crew of the ship came on stage to bid farewell.


We had company for dinner, Steve and Ellie turned up and we spent 2 hours chatting and eating. The stewards also sang another farewell.

Afterwards Sue opted to have an early night and I went to watch Mad Max 3D in the cinema. A daft film full of action that I wouldn’t recommend anyone to see unless you have 2 hours to waste.

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