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 We have cracked another year!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Having navigated our way through a busy last week I think we are all ready for a nice long break, we all seem to be exhausted, even Jamie is getting to bed at a reasonable hour these days. On Tuesday, Sarah went with me to Sea-Life in Birmingham to help me with my class trip. Very enjoyable.  Having visited quite a few of these places now, they certainly are built to a formula, but it keeps the interest and is quite amazing if you are visiting for the first time. Thursday saw Sue eating out at Rockingham Castle with St Joseph’s School staff, it sounded very nice as they had a conducted tour of the grounds after the meal. I had organised a retirement bash at a local Italian restaurant for Joan (Head). It went well and I managed to get a few laughs with my speech. Sarah had a day trip to Alton Towers and the weather stayed fine. Jamie went skateboarding and came back on crutches!!! (Yes, he was supposed to be taking his driving test on Friday!) Anyway, a letter had arrived that day saying that his test had been cancelled and we would need to ring to re-schedule it. As we are about to be away for quite a while, this was quite annoying. However, when I rang the centre and pointed out our problem, they suggested this Friday (I didn’t say anything). Jamie thought that he would be ok to drive (It was a sprain), so we booked it.
Friday arrived, and we said goodbye Year6 ( a miserable bunch of kids that wore their teacher out, by their inability to get on with each other and could only see life from their own perspectives, but I suppose that is the way society is going in general). Another goodbye bash for Joan, and an introduction to a new teacher for next year. He seemed a pleasant guy, with lots of teaching experience abroad (in the Gulf States etc.), and he seemed to hit it off with the children. Sue took Jamie for his driving test and he failed. Test time 3.30 pm in Leicester, the last day of the school year, in rain (good time eh?). Sue said that Jamie was very nervous and failed on two points. He overtook a cyclist on the brow of a hill and got into the wrong lane in a one-way system when about to turn right. I think we have all done that at one time or another. We have re-booked his test for when we come back off holiday.
On Friday I went to play golf with some friends at a course in Kettering. As it was straight after school I grabbed my golf bag from out of the loft without checking. Mistake. Several clubs missing (including the putter) and my glove (Jamie was the last person to use it). Having not played for quite e number of years now, I didn’t expect to be brilliant. Golf is certainly a game of skill but there is also a lot of psychology involved. A stressful exhausting end of the year does not prepare one adequately to do oneself justice on the golf course. I think it would have been better to have not further added to my stress levels by playing. I found it annoyingly difficult to focus on hitting that little white ball straight when one’s brain is empty and incapable of holding any thought long enough to swing the club. I did reasonably well, but I didn’t win a single hole (though I didn’t come last either, and as my partners play regularly, I suppose it is some consolation).
Today I have to take the guinea pigs to look after Roger (yes, I got that the right way around). Sort out the garden and pack ready for tomorrow. We leave at around 4.00 am for Manchester airport. Jamie is getting one last day of work in. Sarah says she is just packing all day. Sue will probably just panic about everything.
Must go.

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