Fifth blogg

The rain slowly petered out during the week, but we still didn’t manage to have a sports day at school (rice growing well though). I did decide to empty the pool and get rid of the rather green water. It took two days to empty it into the river and then 3 days to fill it back up again (26 000 gallons or litres, I can’t remember which!) Because the pressure had been released when it was empty, the top lining began to come away, disaster (very depressing!!!!!!!!!!). However, I decided to continue filling, and it pushed everything back, but I had to clip things together.  I won’t be emptying it again in a hurry. Anyway, it is now clear and working properly, shame the weather is too cold to use it and we go away next week for 6 weeks.
Sarah and I went to see Nan and Charlotte at the weekend. We didn’t go until Saturday morning as Sarah had a party Friday night, I had a governor’s meeting, and then a PTA school disco. The journey up to Yorkshire went quickly as we talked all the way up (over an hour), it was like Grumpy Old Men, we put all the world’s troubles to right. We took Nan to Ulley for lunch (the place in the news where the dam is threatening to burst and drown Rotherham). The water level had dropped down, and they think they might have to drain it all together. A shame, as I used to sail on it when I taught in Rawmarsh.
Charlotte rang when we were on the way back and told us that she was on her way to see Nan. The flying lesson she was having was cancelled because the weather was too windy, so they were going to see Nan instead. Suraj and Lucas came as well.  In the evening we had a meal at Firbeck, the place where they have meals on the rock. We all enjoyed cooking our own meats. Suraj tried the Ostrich and gobbled it all down!!! (Was that supposed to be a turkey?) They drove home after the meal.
On Sunday I weeded Nan’s garden in the early morning and at 10.00 am we set off to visit Charlotte. It was the Newark Carnival and we had arranged to go and see it. We had a BBQ at Charlotte’s before we drove into town (it was nice). We enjoyed seeing the floats and all the stalls. Charlotte and I had a very nice bowl of Paella, Suraj and Sarah had doughnuts and Lucas had a bottle of milk.
On Sunday afternoon, Jamie had a driving lesson with a friend of mine who is a Test Examiner. Afterwards, he reported that Jamie should pass. We will find out on Friday if he is right.
Sue had a quiet week, she reacted to the malaria tablets that we are taking, and she seems to have had the benefit of all the side effects. Lucky her, the rest of us seem to be unaffected.

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