Fourth Blogg

A very quiet week. Lots of rain. The river level was up and down. School sports day had to be cancelled, the only event that was feasible was the 50m speed rice planting race. I did manage to play 2hrs of tennis in the drizzle on Thursday, it’s amazing how pedestrian the games are now, yet I still feel as shattered as I did when much younger and zipped about the court.
Sarah was in a swimming gala on Saturday, the Harborough Club came 5th. I don’t think she got a personal best, as I wasn’t reminded that PBs mean money???? I gave Jamie a driving lesson in the driving rain through Leicester, he does surprisingly well, particularly as there is so much traffic work going on, we have to keep deviating from the test routes. I often am heard saying, “I think we should have gone down the one back there, I think.”
I spoke to Charlotte today, and the family for once, all appear to be fit and well. Even Suraj has got over the Man Flu (mostly).
I saw an otter in the river last week, Sarah said that she has been seeing it for ages. I haven’t seen it since (perhaps it’s drowned!

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