The flight with WizzAir to Sofia on a Saturday night went without hitch. David was there in the Arrivals lounge at 3.40 am on Sunday morning to drive us Ritya, he had only just got there half an hour earlier and was determined to sett off straight away on the 3.5 hour return journey. We stopped once for coffee and a pastry thing which I couldn’t pronounce let alone spell, but it tasted ok.

We arrived about an hour after the sun had come up and decided that we should not sleep but to stay awake until the early evening. We walked around the village (was given a jar of honey by one of the Bulgarian neighbours), looked at the work that needed to be done on the house and sat and talked. I made lunch with the obligatory eggs. We retired early to bed at about 9pm. During the night I had a bit of a tummy ache and felt rather weird. The following morning I was a bit better, but after lunch (again with eggs) I felt really ropey during the afternoon and had to go and lie down. Thinking back I remembered that as I cracked the eggs to cook, they were all different shades of yellow and orange. I know suspected that some of them had been off.  Luckily I had some anti-biotics with me and started to take some. The following morning I felt better and David confessed that he wasn’t feeling too well. The eggs were not to be touched again! I made salad for lunches from then on.

The work on the house has been very hectic and at times chaotic, but is progressing roughly on track, though there has been many changes of plan which at times has been frustrating. But then a consensus has usually been had on what to tackle next and we both work hard and long and depite the occasional problems, things get sorted. We have had two Turks helping build the garden walls and we mostly have left them to it, except for giving them a level to work off and a plumb line  as these seem to be alien concepts. We went to Vittoria Tarnovo one afternoon and purchased a cement mixer to speed up the work, and it certainly did that. The amount of sand and cement needed of course increasesd and this entailed many journeys in the van to fetch it.. The solution was to level the field at the back with chainsaw and strimmer, hack out aceess into it and then have a lorry deliver 3 tonne of sand. This was done in 2 hours yesterday, during the heat of the day by the four of us. We sweated a lot, I cursed David a lot, and as I chopped the last tree stump done the lorry arrived. Dumped the sand and went.  We called it a day after that.

We have also had 3 Turkish/Bulgarian plasterers for nearly a week. They did the ceilings and walls in 4 rooms downstairs. Of course David and I had to rip the ceilings out and also part of the walls. We also insulated the ceilings, prior to plastering. We were up ’till 1am one day trying to keep ahead of the plastering. It is finished now, we are waiting for it to dry out before starting the next stage. What ever that is.

The main project was to re-roof the house, but that has now changed to patching up a few leaks as on advice it is too late in the season to take the roof off and the Bulgarian roofers have all said that the roof is ok for a few more years and and that if David is going to do it, he should do it properly and replace the beams and joists as well and have a complete new roof that will last 50 years instead of the 10 years with new latts etc. It has been decided to replace the roof early next year when Genya has retired fully.

Unlike last year, when we worked late and ate out each night, we have only been out a on three occasions, twice to eat and once to visit one of david’s friends in a village across the valley. Strange as it is, Keith also comes from Thurcroft. He has been here for 15 years, we think he is about 55 years old, looks about 40 years old. Has his mother staying with him, though she left last Saturday to return to Worksop after being there for 2.5 years. She was a very soft spoken lady, but looked ill and was returning to the UK for health reasons. Keith has a Bulgarian girlfriend (28yrs old) and she popped into see us while we were there. Keith was a disc jockey and we were treated to an evening of 60’s, 70’s and would have been 80’s pop videos if we hadn’t politely made excuses and left. A nice guy, but boy is he  loud, in your face and fixated on pop music of the past. He lives in a lovely house with stunning views over the hills and mountains. It has been up for sale for quite a while and I am sure would have sold the instant it had been put on the market except the 3/4 mile drive to it from the dirt track made David’ road to Ritya look like M1 Motorway. David had to have 2 runs at one steep section to get up it. If he sorted the road out I think it will sell. Otherwise the only type it would attract are those in possession of Sherman Tank.

During the evenings we have been watching some of the movies that I provided David with the last time he was in the UK. He has already watched all of them several times, he was grateful that I brought 2 new ones on a memory stick.

While the weather back in the UK has been blistering hot, it has just been quite warm here, thought the sun did turn up the heat about 4 days ago. The UK is now back to it’s more normal below 10 degrees temperature and I believe that from next Sunday we are about to join them.

I read about the England Scotland rugby match live on the BBC website as despite my best efforts I couldn’t locate a TV showing the World Cup games at all. I couldn’t event get an internet radio connection on this netbook I am using now. Then annoyingly, the day after I got all the channels I wanted on my mobile phone!!!! I listened to Wales Fiji game and now each day listen to Radio 5, so can keep up to date with the traffic accidents on the A14. On Saturday when England play France I shall find a nice comfortable place and listen to the game on my mobile.

I am still managing to produce the Rugby Club Newsletter form here, but the netbook that is available is very limited and trying to read what you have written on  an envelope sized screen is not easy. David has a broken computer that I attempted to fix last week. Replacing the broken screen is pretty straight forward but getting at the mother board is proving impossible at the moment bas it is a specialised Sony Viao. When it rains one day it will give up its secrets or die!!!!!


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