Living in Lockdown – 10

06/04/20 As I sat down this evening to write the blog, breaking news on the BBC is that Boris Johnson has been moved into intensive care. This morning we woke to hear that he had been admitted into hospital as a precaution for tests. He had not recovered from the initial infection as he should have. It’s concerning because though he hasn’t been placed on a ventilator, it seems that your chances are just 50/50, if you are.

This morning we woke to dark clouds and drizzle. Sue had kitted up with face-mask and gloves in readiness for her first shopping trip into town since lock-down began. By 8.30am she was driving to Lidl and I was cycling into the Leicestershire countryside. She reported that there was no queuing outside the supermarket and all the shelves were full, except for flour and there was no limit on how much could be purchased. She, and one other shopper wore a mask, most wore gloves. Strangely, everyone gave her a very wide berth when they spotted she was wearing a face-mask. Perhaps they thought she was infected? Or, maybe that she was a Corvid-19 nurse?

Returning from my ride, I found Sue busy putting the shopping away. I set about planting two rows of early potatoes.

During the afternoon we sat down to take on the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) website. Previous experience of UK governmental websites led me to expect problems, we were not disappointed. I have long since surmised that the programmers who construct these sites MUST be either incompetent or under deliberate orders to make progress through their structure, difficult. Last year, I placed an entry into my on-line calendar to remind me to check on the progress of Sue’s state pension. At present she is too young to qualify.  However, today is exactly four months before she is due to receive it. Annoyingly/deliberately the DWP do not automatically pay it, you have to claim it. They are supposed to inform you between 6-4 months from the date of qualification. They haven’t. As already mentioned, the process wasn’t straightforward, after first setting up an account with your personal details (annoyingly, they already possess these), you have to verify them through a code sent by email. It wasn’t sent and no matter how many times we clicked resend code, it failed to materialise. Eventually, by resubmitting the details and opting to receive the code by text, we were successful. Perhaps. The site closed with the phrase, “Congratulations on your successful application, we may need to contact you for any further details.”

Jamie’s new friend?

One clever dog,


Jamie has put a deposit down on a puppy. It is only a few days old and he is expecting to collect it in around eight weeks time. He must be confident that lock-down will be over by then, we shall see. What Maddie the mad rabbit will make of the new family member is anyone’s guess.

Rather sweetly, while Sarah was working at her desk from home, Mia found a little tag and placed it on the carpet by Sarah’s feet. Can Mia read?

Continuing on a brighter note, much to Joan’s relief, Phil has been released home from hospital.



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