Living in Lockdown – 9

04/04/20  This morning the wind vane on top of the house was pointing south, indicating an end to the chill north wind we seem to have been locked into forever. The BBC weather lady had promised a summery weekend, possibly continuing on into the following week. The government, wise to the whims of its citizens has filled the airways and media with warnings not to go out and spread infection. Sensible advice that unfortunately has to be given repeatedly to the point of distraction before some  take notice. On a slightly different tack, our cousins across the pond have been given sound advice by their president, to wear masks when ever they venture out of the home. However, he followed it by stating that this wasn’t compulsory and he wouldn’t be wearing one. Great leadership sir! So what is it? Wear them as advised by the medical profession or ‘don’t bother’ because you know better?

Yesterday, Sue had a long chat with aunt Gwenda in Deep River, Canada. They appear to still be in the depths of winter, deep snow and freezing temperatures,  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau probably doesn’t feel the need to remind his citizens that they should stay home, the weather seems to be ensuring that.

After I completed my digging duties for the day I set about spraying the patio, pool area, paths and driveway with weedkiller, however, there were few weeds as Sue had been ‘at them’ during last week! I spent some time talking to a neighbour at the end of the driveway (social distancing observed), he was jubilantly carrying a tightly gripped case of beer back from the supermarket. It seems that in the current climate this is quite a treasure, a whole case and not the restricted 3 items! Hmmm, I thought, is it time to unleash my beer making kit stored safely atop the cupboards in the Utility Room? Probably not for a few weeks yet, I still have supplies a plenty and then there is still a garage full of wine.

For some unknown reason, last night Jamie decided to cajole Ruth into cutting his hair. It didn’t need cutting (in the opinion of his mum), Ruth isn’t a hairdresser, she didn’t want to do it and as you would guess it produced a less than professional result.

Today, Sarah and Lee went geocaching as their daily exercise. As well as discovering quite a few geocaches, they also came across  a warning sign stapled to a post next to a well used pathway. Perhaps, this is a necessary and appropriate reminder of the current danger, but it does come close to being ‘Big Brother is watching you!’ Jamie and Ruth seemed to have the same idea and they too exercised by following a geocache trail.

Helpful or Big Brother is watching?

Geocache found.

Another geocache on the list.

Jamie and Ruth enjoying the sun with cider.









05/04/20 Last night Sue and I put on our glad rags and went to the the theatre. First, the National Theatre, then Andrew Lloyd Webber and today, the Curve Theatre in Leicester are releasing some of their productions for streaming over the internet, during the coming weeks. Last night was ‘One Man, Two Guvnors‘, starring James Corden from the NT. A most unbelievable plot centered around the East End of London in the 60’s, I found it very amusing, often bursting into laughter, though I had to  struggle (like Sue) for the first 15 minutes to accept the absurdity of the plot. Sue gave up and immersed herself in ‘catch-up’ on her laptop, I carried on and was rewarded with 2.5 hours of  over-the-top, hammy entertainment. Great fun. Sometime during the week we can glam-up again, scoot off to the virtual Curve and  watch The Importance of being Earnest.

Thankfully, Spain and Italy seem to be plateauing off with their death and infection rate. I say thankfully, because if this is the case, it gives the UK a glimmer of hope that there is an end to this horror. Though we are following the same lock-down strategy, our society  in the UK is largely built around ‘nuclear’ families rather than the ‘extended’ households common around the Mediterranean, mathematically, our peak should not be so high and the corresponding dip, that much steeper. For what it counts, it is just a hopeful theory and realistically it is down to the players in team UK, not dropping the ball! It doesn’t help when today, Scotland’s Medical Chief had to publicly apologise on TV for ignoring her own advice. Despite repeatedly warning the population not to make non-essential journeys such as visiting their holiday homes at the weekend, that is exactly what she did, twice. At present she is still in her job, but as there are individuals being fined up to £1000 for such behaviour, the lady has lost any credibility and should be fined heavily and sacked. Or, do WE have to accept the ‘do as I say and not do as I do’ attitude of Donald Trump?

Another day, another row dug. Tomorrow we plant!

Owl pellets. I hope.

Charlotte’s bit of heaven.

Ruth has cajoled a much slicker looking Jamie into working on a lovely warm day. He has built a pergola in the garden in readiness for the onset of summer. It is a good idea as they may be both spending a lot of time there. Charlotte and family have also been enjoying their garden. Family Messenger group has been hot today with discussions on which climbing plants to grow in various soil conditions and identifying the  owl pellets that Charlotte had found this morning on a foraging walk with Harry and the boys. My suggestion of climbing plants that could be useful, such as grapes, were scoffed at by the younger members of the family,  in preference to inedible pretty things. Don’t they realise there is a pandemic going on?  Lee has been practicing for fatherhood whilst cooking Sunday lunch. I am not sure that it would be wise to carry the baby for real when engaged in cooking duties, but I guess you can call me old-fashioned!

Built in a day!

Sunday lunch cooked by Lee.

Practicing for fatherhood.

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