Living in Lockdown – 15

18/04/20 Today was different. It rained heavily all night and was still pouring down this morning. On such a damp, cold and miserable day I suppose it is annoyingly appropriate that I felt poorly. Having experienced a mildly grumbling tummy over the past few days and being largely ignored, my innards decided to complain with a little more volume. Awakening  with an aching belly and gurgling tubes, I decided after breakfast to return to my bed, warm up and sleep. And that is what I did.

'Eat some grass, and call me in the morning.'While I slumbered and gurgled the morning away, Sue drove into town and did a weekly shop at Lidl. By lunchtime, when I eventually came downstairs to open a tin of soup, she had packed everything away into cupboards . Still raining and bowl and bowel  emptied, I left Sue reading the newspaper and returned to my bed to sleep the afternoon away.

By tea-time I was feeling considerably better and opened another tin of soup. Sue made herself a Tikka Masala, something I thought would be far too explosive for my recovering bowels. Solids would have to wait for tomorrow, especially something as challenging as a curry.

During the afternoon the rain moved on to western counties while I slept soundly, leaving us with a cold and gloomy end to the day.


A fetish!!!

To cheer ourselves up during the evening we watched, First they killed my father. An Angelina Jolie film on the tragic history of Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge. As you would guess it was quite harrowing and even the more sadder as it followed the fate of one little girl in particular.


Chili beans.

Moving on:  what did the rest of the family do on an indoors, rainy day?  Well, Lucas made a huge pot of chilli beans for the family while Charlotte made banana bread for dessert. Sarah indulged herself in her favourite pregnancy craving of scoffing Fizzy Laces. Jamie seems to have discovered another genre of music and is fascinated by Bella Ciao.

Tomatoes planted.

19/04/20 Today is Jamie’s birthday. Weather wise it was a much better day. I felt somewhat improved and busied myself in the greenhouse planting it up with the tomato plants I sowed several weeks ago. Sue drove over to Jamie’s to feed Maddie the rabbit as he and Ruth had gone to Bottesford for the weekend, to check on Ruth’s house.

After soup for lunch I planted some lettuce, potted on some succulents for Ruth and then went to bed feeling fairly exhausted and slept the rest of the afternoon away, while Sue caught up on some reading.

Captain Tom Moore’s fundraiser for the NHS has hit £25 million just over a week after it was launched.

What fun!

Birthday boy.

Lock-down has prevented family and friends from meeting up and celebrating any type of event. However, Ruth overcame the imposed restrictions and gathered together family and close friends in a surprise birthday party for Jamie. By using an App called Zoom we all met up on-line during the evening to celebrate Jamie’s his 31st birthday. It certainly was a surprise, he had no idea it had been organised. Being able to see and hear each a large group of people at the same time is a great benefit of technology, and possibly something that we will all have to get used to in this new world. After

Mia’s favourite TV programme.

around fifteen minutes, ‘Zoom’ unfortunately aborted, quick thinking Ruth, contacted us all on ‘Whats App’ and the party continued. Though the cake was cut and eaten many miles from Jamie’s location, we all sank drinks and toasted his good health, then had lots of fun playing with the available App settings to change faces into a variety of creatures and playing  a game of eat the floating burgers!  Happy birthday Jamie.

Sarah and Lee chose their allotment today and will be taking ownership of it in July. It’s a  little late in the year to be very productive but some salad cops will be feasible. Hopefully, lock-down will be over by then and I can give them a hand in getting it sorted. No doubt Charlotte has a few ideas too.


20/04/20 The UK government has today announced 449 more corona-virus deaths – the fewest for a fortnight. Have we passed the peak of the infection? Fingers crossed we have. However, there are some in this world that don’t have to. The following is part of an article that I came across as I searched for some good news: As corona-virus infections tore across the U.S. in early March, a Silicon Valley executive called the survival shelter manufacturer Rising S Co. He wanted to know how to open the secret door to his multi-million-dollar bunker 11 feet underground in New Zealand. The full article from Bloomberg is: Underground in New Zealand: The doomsday plan of America’s richest  and makes interesting reading. I guess it is to be expected and if you had the financial resources, wouldn’t you do the same? There have been several  block-buster movies  with ‘end of the world’ plots over the past few decades, as I remember, they don’t usually end well.

Today I felt well enough to eat normally, though my back was sore. I chose not to aggravate it by doing any physio-exercises or use my bike. Sue drove up to Newbold Verdon to  drop some presents and plants off at Sarah’s and then take Mia for a long walk. I remained at home and spent a pleasant morning sowing maize seed into trays in readiness for planting out into the vegetable plot in around a months time. Just before lunch  I took some tomato and cucumber plants for Jim Crawford and left them on his doorstep. Sue arrived back around 12.30 pm, stating that there was very little traffic on the roads and that Sarah was getting quite huge now. Not long to go!

fxLearning with wine.

Jamie was due to be in Berlin today, celebrating his birthday, but as the flight was cancelled he spent the day doing DIY at home and making a video for his fxLearning Company. I was pleased to see that a bottle of my wine was highlighted in the video. I suppose it wasn’t as much fun as Germany, but it has given him the time to finish quite a few jobs and a bottle of rose. Sarah and Lee, besides seeing Sue, managed to complete decorating Lee’s study.


21/04/20 Today Captain Tom Moore opened one of the governments’ new Nightingale hospitals, remotely of course.

Ellis in Lock-down den building mood.

Charlotte had her spinal surgery follow up. The specialist looked at her MRI’s and said that the lower back discs had degenerated and the only way forward was too fuse the lower spine to stop the discs from bulging onto the nerve.  It’s the only long term solution otherwise it will just keep happening as the discs are not strong enough. She has been advised that she can carry on working as normal and she will see the specialist  in three months to discuss surgery. She has always expected that she would eventually end up with her spine being fused, but is disappointed that it has come so soon.

Again, my lower back was sore so I skipped my personal physio and cycle ride. I spent the morning hoovering  the inside of my Fiesta and then gave it a good wash. After lunch I waxed and polished it.


Spending the day on the driveway I couldn’t help notice the number of people who had taken up running. Throughout the day,  at least one person or more would sprint by every five minutes. At times it seemed like a procession. On several occasions I resisted the temptation to walk to the end of the drive and see if some kind of  marathon had been organised. If there is one good aspect to lock-down, it seems that it has encouraged the population to appreciate the benefits of exercise in staying healthy. Hopefully, they will continue when this pandemic is all done and dusted.


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