Living in Lockdown – 12

Things you can’t eat in Sarah’s garden.

11/04/20 On a day that was hotter than the Mediterranean the good news is that there may be a vaccine available by September (6 months away) but the bad news was that South Korea reported on Friday that 91 recovered Corona-virus patients have tested positive for the disease again, raising questions over health experts’ understanding of the pandemic. If true, that you can catch the b*****d again, lock-down may become a way of life for quite a while to come. I had thought, that those who caught the virus and survive were probably the lucky ones, they were now safe? Unlike those of who hadn’t, we would have to continue to be very wary until vaccinated. Possibly, this is not the case! We know there are two strains of virus out there (S & L), fingers crossed it is the other strain that the Koreans have caught and/or any vaccine developed, immunises against both. I’m in a quandary as whether to wish for a long hot summer or a cool and wet one, sadly there are already far too many who will now never have the benefit of  finding out which.

Jamie enjoying the sun and my wine.


On a ring-a-round the family this morning during my wake-up cup of coffee; Charlotte and family were out taking Harry for his morning walk.  Jamie was replacing a fence panel in his back garden and Sarah was still in bed, tired from the heat and carrying a baby. Over the past few days the family have been running a competition on family Messenger, guessing the date, time and weight at birth.The rather dubious prize is a ‘baby-sitting session’. We have also been suggesting names for the little girl, my proposition of ‘Buttercup’ received little enthusiasm. A gorgeous name, conjuring up visions of lazy summer days and wild meadows, plus it also happens to be the heroine’s name in my favourite film, ‘Princess Bride’.

Ellis having to settle for something a little smaller than grandparent’s pool.

Before the predicted heat of the day kicked-in I got up early this morning to turn yet another row of soil over in the vegetable plot and filled five water butts in readiness for a possible ‘long hot summer’.

Lee and Sarah getting ready for an evening of games.

During the afternoon, both Sue and I worked in the back garden. Several large pots containing plants of varying, inedible descriptions were re-positioned along the front of the pool, so that they could be seen from the sun-lounge. A bird box was nailed onto the trunk of the cooking apple tree and plans were made to site a  seat around its girth.


During the evening we watched ‘The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind’ on Netflix. It is a true story of a boy in Malawi who constructed a wind pump to help his family during a time of famine and political trouble. A lovely story, well worth watching.

12/04/20 Today is Easter Sunday, Boris left hospital and is recuperating at Chequers and tragically the number of people who have died in the UK from Corona-virus has passed ten thousand. It seems that the UK may be the hardest hit in Europe, worse even than Spain or Italy, which is quite frightening. It doesn’t feel like Easter.

Overnight we had a brief thunderstorm and quite heavy rain, however when digging the obligatory row of soil in the vegetable plot this morning, the ground was still dry and rock hard.

Sue has discovered a new pastime, she is now attacking the moss growing between the patio slabs. I am sure that the ants which swarm in their millions on hot days during late summer  will take a very dim view of this, they live peacefully for most of the year underneath the slabs. It seems that the lovely weather we have been experiencing over the past week is about to come to an end.

The family have celebrated Easter in the best way that they can:

The Easter Bunny arrived for Lucas.

Sarah and Lee decided to decorate.

Time for a water fight!

Easter Sunday lunch, yummy!!!

Whose do these belong to?

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