It’s work for some!

The UK continued to benefit from some proper summer weather, it even reached a heady 32.2 degrees in the garden.  According to Charlotte, Sarah and Claire who were spending a relaxed week by the pool at an all-inclusive hotel in Calla de Majorca, it was not as warm in Majorca. I was surprised to hear that whenever we called them, they seemed to be getting ready to go out and eat in the town. I think they have a problem with the concept of an All Inclusive hotel! Sarah particularly seemed very bubbly and excited, it was obvious she was thoroughly enjoying her girlie week away. At this point, I should mention that despite Sarah reading three books and suntanning by the pool, when I picked them up at East Midlands airport, I was significantly browner than she.
 As it was fine weather, I decided to hire some scaffolding and chop the tops off the giant conifer hedge which ran along the alleyway. It was very hot, hard and boring work. In between, chainsawing Leylandii I managed to fix the electrics on Nan’s batmobile which had failed her a few days previous, only to get a phone call from town when it broke down again after only its second outing. It is now sitting in the garage waiting to be fixed again.
Early the following week, I took Nan back to Thurcroft. She had been asking to return home for a few days and it wasn’t until I realised why she was so keen, the Ashes start on Wednesday (she is an avid cricket watcher) and we don’t have Sky TV, only radio 5. Up ’till then she had been satisfied with watching Wimbledon on our TV, but that had now finished.
I am pleased to report that the British Lions beat the Springbok on Saturday, a well-deserved win by the good guys on the pitch (even if most of them were Welsh and Irish).
Jamie had an interview for a job in a warehouse, but annoyingly the lady interviewer for some reason failed to turn up. However, it was re-arranged for the following day and this time she did turn up and Jamie got the job. He started the following day at 10 am and was supposed to meet her again for his induction course. Again, she failed to turn up, and after over an hour of waiting the office staff advised him to go home and that they would contact her. Jamie later received a phone call informing him he would start at 10 pm that night. Of course, he arrived on time but frustratingly couldn’t start because he hadn’t had his induction course and the woman hadn’t passed on any details, so the staff at the warehouse didn’t know who he was. It could only happen to Jamie.
Sue is working all the days she can, and I too have been called into school a few times myself. I did attend Farndon Fields Sports day last Wednesday and officiated as the race announcer and had to double up on the scoring table. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of not being in overall charge. Tanya (ancillary) had organised the day and it went exceptionally smoothly, and as a bonus, sports day finished on time! I particularly loved cajoling the staff into joining the parents in the adult sack race. It was the highlight of the afternoon, though I think a few pulled muscles and hamstrings were evident afterwards.
 These last two weeks the swimming pool has been getting a lot of use. The ferocious heat we have been experiencing has made it a lifesaver at times. Late afternoons and evenings, Sarah and Jamie have had many of their friends around to cool off. It’s lovely to hear the sound of people laughing and enjoying themselves in the water, it’s just like being on holiday!
While Charlotte has been away with Sarah and Clair, Lucas was looked after by Suraj for the week. I haven’t heard how they got on, but I know lots of boyish things had been planned. I am not too sure that Charlotte would be very happy with Lucas going out to the pub and playing poker so early in life, but boys will be boys!

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