The photographs are of Charlortte’s, Sarah’s and Claire’s girlie week in Majorca, plus a couiple of my recently updated study.
Sue: This has been a bit of a rough time for Sue. Over the last few weeks she has had yet another re-occurrence of her chest infection and aftera consultation at the local cottage hospital she has been booked in for a Historectomy Operation on the 22nd of August. This was obviously a previous problem that she has been keeping quiet for some time. Hopefully it has been contributing to her general ill health and after the operation she will be back to her ‘Billy Wizz’ state of activity and we will have seen the last of her chest infections. She has yet more antibiotics for her chest and as always, they appear to work. Well at least she is busy and as usual refusing to take things easy (no change there!). She managed to persuade me to accompany her to see the film ‘Vicky Christina Barcelona’. I should have guessed by the number of females in the audience that  I was in for testing time. I passed the test, I did not leave or fall asleep, but it was close. The following week we went to see the film ‘The Wrestler’, I think she was feeling guilty about the previous episode and was prepared to suffer as recompense. It wasn’t a bad film. This week I agreed to watch ‘The Reader’ with her, she was quite vague about what it was about, just stating that it had won some Oscars and Kate Winslet was in it. I should have known by the packed audience of females what was coming up. I really should read up about these films before I agree to see them! We manged to have a night out at the pub with some friends. Well two pubs really, as the first hostelry had a singer pipe up after an hour and you couldn’t hear yourself think (it’s our age) and we moved onto more peaceful premises (sad isn’t it?) Last week she made some gooseberry chutney and it tasted absolutely delicious and this week she made a lovely date loaf, now that the schools have finished she might have time to make make loads more! Last Friday Sue officially retired. She notified County Hall (as previously requested) that she had finished her last day of work. They informed her that they had lost her details/forms. This is the 3rd time they have done that. They promised to notify the TPS, just in case they had already sent the forms off, what a way to run a department! Well, Sue might be retired, or then again she might not be, who knows?
Jamie: Still unemployed, but busy. He has laid the floor in my study (with bamboo) and did a good job. He has also spent 3 days over at Roger’s doing various tasks for him. He ripped up one wooden floor (ash) and relaid it (in ash). I am not sure why, but Roger said it was better quality, though I couldn’t tell. He fixed several poorly doors and built a complete new door next to his garage from scrap material (Roger wouldn’t buy a new one). On the last day Roger even fed him at lunch time (Cuppa soup). I think Jamie loved being there and even told Roger he wouldn’t have a reason to get up early when he had finished. Sue and I suggested to Roger that he adopt Jamie, we even offered to pay any legal fees, but he declined. Harley is Jamie’s current girlfriend and seems to be here quite often. We shall see how long it lasts as they had a falling out a a few days ago, but she is here again today.
Sarah: Taking things easy and waiting for the results of her exams.Today, she went with Charlotte and Lucas to stay with Philippa (I spell it right now) in Cornwall. Lucas is very excited. I hope the weather is kind to them. Sarah has been spending her time watching videos, visiting her friends in Fleckney and Kibworth and window shopping (a cheap option that I approve of).
The Newarks: For once Charlotte and Lucas appear to be in good health, though Suraj has a sniffle of some sort. Where he works I believe swine Flu is rampant and fingers crossed, he stays away from it. He will have a well earned rest coming up while Charlotte and Lucas are away and hopefully he’ll be able to make me my Media Centre for the lounge. We discussed it last week as the DVD player in the lounge appears to be staggering (it gets so much use). He made one for Roger and he is very pleased with it (though he hasn’t a clue how to use it properly). I expect mine to be better.
Dave: I find thunderstorms fascinating, but I am getting a little tired of them now as we seem to have one every day. And, they seem to pop up when I am on my bike too far away from home to get back. I have lost count of the number of times I have got soaked. I even spent 30 mins in Halfords pretending to look at things while sheltering from one storm and them moved onto the carpet store next door for another 20mins when Ithe staff got suspicious when they spotted me looking at the same items for the 5th time. It is lashing it down with rain at the moment. I have spent a lot of time decorating my study and working in the garden. I did go to a ‘Leaving Do’ with some of the staff from Farndon Fields. I was invited to the unofficial one. The official one was the previous week, and through acrimony (very sad) none of the people who were leaving attended that one.There seems to be many, many issues that need to be resolved at the school. It is not a happy place.

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