This has been a bit of a rough time for Sue over the last few weeks, she has had yet another re-occurrence of a chest infection and after consultation at the local cottage hospital, she has been booked in for a  hysterectomy operation on the 22nd of August. This has been a previous problem that she has been keeping quiet for some time. It has been contributing to her general ill health and hopefully, after the operation, she will be back to her normal ‘Billy Wizz’ state of activity and we will have seen the last of the chest infections. They have given her yet more antibiotics and thankfully they always appear to work. As usual, she is keeping busy, refusing to take things easy (no change there!).
Sue somehow managed to persuade me to accompany her and see the film ‘Vicky Christina Barcelona‘. I should have guessed by the number of women in the audience that  I was in for a testing time. Surprisingly I passed the test, I didn’t leave or fall asleep, but it was close. The following week we went to see the film ‘The Wrestler‘, I think she was feeling guilty about the previous episode and was prepared to suffer as recompense. It wasn’t a bad film. This week I agreed to watch ‘The Reader‘ with her, she was quite vague about what it was about, just stating that it had won some Oscars and Kate Winslet was in it. I should have known by the packed audience of females what was coming up. I really should read up about these films before I agree to see them!
We managed to have a pub night out with a group of friends. The first hostelry we patronised annoyingly had a singer enthusiastically belt out pop songs for a whole hour and we couldn’t hear ourselves think, let alone chat (must be our age). We moved onto more peaceful premises and had a quieter and more pleasant evening.
Last week, Sue made some gooseberry chutney and it tasted delicious, this week she made a lovely date loaf, now that the schools have finished she hopefully will have time to make loads more!
On Friday, Sue officially retired. As requested, she notified County Hall of her last day of work, and they responded that they had lost her details and the forms she had completed. This is the 3rd time they have done that! Thankfully, they promised to notify the TPS, just in case they hadn’t already sent the forms. What a way to run a department! At present, Sue might be retired, or then again she might not be, who knows?
Jamie is still unemployed but keeping busy. He laid the floor in my study with bamboo and did an excellent job. He has also spent three days at Roger Woolnough’s in Braybrooke on various carpentry tasks. He ripped up an old ash wooden floor and relaid it in new ash wood. I am not sure why, but Roger said it was better quality, though I am afraid I couldn’t tell the difference. Jamie also fixed several ill-fitting doors and built a completely new door next to his garage from scrap material (Roger wouldn’t buy a new one). On the last day, Roger fed him at lunchtime, but it was only Cuppa soup. I think he and Roger’s enjoyed each other’s company, but when Sue and I suggested to Roger that he adopt Jamie, even offering to pay any legal fees, he declined.
Harley is Jamie’s current girlfriend and she seems to be at Willow Bank quite often. I used to teach Harley when she was in Year 3. We shall see how long this relationship lasts, particularly as they had a falling out a few days ago.
Sarah is taking things easy and waiting for the results of her exams. She has been spending her time watching videos, visiting her friends in Fleckney and Kibworth and window shopping (a cheap option that I approve of). Today, she went with Charlotte and Lucas to stay with Sue’s sister Philippa in Cornwall. Lucas was very excited, I just hope the weather is kind to them.
Suraj has developed a persistent sniffle. Where he works, Swine Flu is rampant, so fingers crossed, he will stay away from it. He deserves a well-earned rest while Charlotte and Lucas are away and hopefully he’ll be able to install a Media Centre in our lounge. The DVD player in the lounge appears to be on its last legs as it gets so much use and it needs replacing. He installed one for Roger a few weeks ago and I would like one too.
I find thunderstorms fascinating, but I am getting a little tired of them now as we seem to be having one nearly every day. Most annoyingly, they seem to pop up when I am on my bike, too far away from home to get back before the heavens open. I have lost count of the number of times I have been soaked. The other day, I spent 30 mins in Halfords pretending to look at bikes while sheltering from one storm and then had to move on to the carpet store next door for another 20mins when the staff got suspicious. It is lashing down with rain as I write this blog!
Enforced to remain inside because of the regular downpours I have spent time decorating my study, I replaced the curtains with bamboo blinds as well as repainted the walls. I did attend an unofficial ‘Leaving Do’ at Farndon Fields. Sadly, those members of staff who were leaving refused to attend their official send-off held the previous week. There is a great deal of acrimony among the staff and there are many issues which need to be resolved at the school. It is not a happy place.

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