Health and Safety!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jamie: After the success of laying the flooring in my study, he went on to spend 3 days putiing flooring and doors into Rogers place. Next, he laid a floor in the lounge, this was quite a tricky one with a special section having to be made for a drain cover. He spent the week-end camping with his mates at Santapod watching the  the drag racing etc (see photo). However, in his rush to get off at 6.00am on Friday morning, he left his kit-bag with his change of clothing on his bedroom floor (he did remember his packed lunch). When he returned on Sunday evening he looked a bit tatty and some say, a lot smelly. He said he had a wicked time.
Sarah: Watched a lot of DVD’s. Next week she starts a part time job for the summer in a chip shop in Fleckney. Don’t know much else about this, other than it sounds a bit fishy.
Nan: I rang Nan on Sunday and was disturbed to find she had been trying to change the fuse in the main fuse-box as her cooker had ‘blown up’. I told her to leave it alone and I will be up in the morning. When I investigated the problem, the oven element had gone and we had to drive into Rotherham and buy another oven. I wired it in that afternoon. I also dug up half the potatoes, mowed the lawn and pruned the bushes (in between showers). We visited Aunty Hilda. Sadly, she has cancer of the pancreas and the Doctor has given up and passed her onto the Macmillan nurses. She really did look unwell and in some pain. I stayed 3 days and then drove home. She was looking forward to the ‘Ashes’ (cricket!) on Thursday and had get her sweets ready.
Susan: Looking better, moving around better, even sounds better (no chesty cough). She went to Kettering Hospital today for a pre-op talk, Sarah went with her. She did persuade me to go and see another film (will I never learn?). It was called ‘The Visitor’, it was dire. Again, the audience was predominately female and mostly in excess of 60 years of age. It was about an American teacher, who was disillusioned. Been there already and not interested now. I remember I yawned a lot. Sue said it was a lovely film, but then she has the knack of seeing things in a film that I don’t.
Newarks: Suraj found a Dell computer on ebay that would do as my Media Centre. I bought it and it does fine. I called in on the way up to Nan’s and dropped off a monitor for Suraj. They all looked healthy and were looking forward to a holiday in the Dominican Republic at the end of August (alright for some). They came down to see us  on Sunday as Suraj’s sister (who was going to stay that weekend with them) had decided not to travel up aas the weather was awful. Suraj brought down a PC and a laptop for a friend of mine who had requested them. We had a curry in the evening and they left later that night. Oooooops (nearly forgot). Charlotte was looking fine.
Dave: Still riding my bike and lately I have been making quite a lot of movies. Everyone in the family seems to be going places, so I make movies of them. I have even made 2 for Roger. The deal is: he gives me the photo album, I make the movie, he buys me lunch.
David: For years I have tended to ignore David as he kept himself to himself and despite being my step-brother he was never over communicative. However, having visited him in Bulgaria and got on really well (as brother do….. er?) We now do email very often and he has such a fascinating existence with his wife Genya, that I shall now include him in my blogs. At present it is very hot out there and the mosquitoes are in fine biting mood. He is building walls, installing cctv cameras and cleaning his pool. They have had a bore hole sunk to provide them with water. It was their 10th wedding anniversary this week and they were going out to celebrate it, but it had been a very hot night and they hadn’t much sleep. It is a very interesting life of weasels, burglars, gypsies, broken cars, snakes, no neighbours and at present: diarrhoea (I had to look that up).
Health and Safety: I hope this is a onetime only entry in my blogs.
H&S1: A week ago we were scheduled to have extra loft insulation put in. The day before we emptied the lofts (there was  alot to empty). On the day, the men arrived on time and left half an hour later. Apparently, despite being surveyed and photographed the week before, our loft had shrunk and one was only 1.4m high and the guys said that due to Health and safety regulations they weren’t asllowed to work under 1.6m and left. Strange that, I thought that there would only be a narrow strip of any loft that would be in excess of 1.6m,  all the rest should be by design gradually getting less than that until it reaches 0m! It is unfoprtunately a mathematical fact  concerning any  hypotenuse! After complaining to head office, they apologised, said they were having trouble from some of their teams and re-scheduled for the 17th Aug. Now we have our bedroom full of loft clutter and it is like tackling an assault course when going to bed.
H&S2: Last week we also arranged to have double glazing put in. Twenty windows in all, quite a few windows are already double glazed, so we decided to do the rest, especially as the quote was very attractive. The surveyor duly arrived to measure accurately the windows so that they could be made ready for installation on the 17th Aug. He started digging at one of the window sills with a knife and then pronouncedthat they couldn’t replace the sills as Health and Safety wouldn’t permit it, the sills were a concrete and asbestos composit. I checked with the previous owner (he built the house) and it is true. They are still going to fit the windows, less the sills which will stay. I can live with that (I think……….at the moment).
H&S3: Last week on the way up to Nan’s I drove over a safety bump and the rear suspension spring broke. In Harborough, we have a 5 star traffic calming system. You cannot drive down a road without bumping up and down or having to veer sharply right or left. Welland Park Road (the one we travel down the most) has six different calming measures on it over a 150m stratch. Prior to the system being put in place there had never been an occurrence where any one had been knocked down or killed on it. That is still the true today. However, there are regular accidents happening weekly, where cars will knock down the posts that were put in to slow you down. When you are trying to watch oncoming cars, keep a check on pedestrians at the side of athe road and it is raining, oops, which idiot put that post in the middle of the road, crunch And, there is often confusion as to who has priority on the 2 pinch points and we have regular head on collisions that require attendance by the police, fire engine and ambulance. Of course those of us who live locally and who know about this madness, can avaoid it. Except, the continual battering your car suspension takes in negotiating these Health and Safety measures eventually leads to damage. Roger had a spring go 2 weeks ago. My car has only done 170000 miles. I wonedr if anyone keeps any statistics about the number of insurance claims and garage bills concerning this wonderful H&S initiative? 
Reminiscence: I remember a world when there was no health and safety. People took risks (well, I never thought of it as a risk) and things got done, people had fun and there was less stress in life. It seems it won’t be worth getting up ijn a morning soon, too dangerous!!!!!!!!

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  1. chris says:

    The other day I had to visit Travis Perkins the builders merchant. I asked the chap behind the counter for certain sizes of timber and then we went into the warehouse to choose the wood. I said I wouldn\’t be able to take the 4.2metre length in the car and he replied that he couldn\’t cut the wood for me because of safety rules. I asked him if I could cut it. He replied I could use the saw chained to the scaffolding but to remember to say he hadn\’t given me permission. "The world\’s gone mad!!!"The latest total waste of money by S Gloucs. Council is located East and West of my property. In fact I cycled past one of the newly erected signs and had to do an about turn because I couldn\’t believe my eyes. I live in a cul de sac and there other cul de sacs East and South of my house. As you enter the 20metre length of road which which then branches into three different cul de sacs they have erected 30 mph limit signs. You can\’t do 30 mph anyway—the roads are too short. What were they thinking when they decided on this Safety decision. Are they on drugs?? Arggggggggghhhhh !!!

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