I can see clearly now……..

Sadly, the day that I wrote my last blog Aunty Hilda passed away. She asked to see her two sisters and said her goodbyes, later that night she decided to end her pain and join her husband Ted. Charlotte, Sarah and I went with Nan to the funeral, it was nice to see Aunty Edna again. There is only she and Aunty Anne left of that Palmer generation. Sue had to stay at home as that was the day that our new windows were being put in and Jamie was on a course, learning how to drive a forklift truck (I hope it is useful). After the funeral there was a little buffet for everyone at a local pub. I met a friend who I hadn’t seen since my school days and he was very chatty and seemed to want to confess a secret that he had had for so many years. I asked if I did any voluntary work, now that I was retired and seemed disappointed when I said no. He announced that he had been unable to read and write until a few years ago when he decided to do something about it. He plucked up the courage and joined a course, run by volunteers, and has never looked back. He now runs a course on computer literacy and tried to encourage me to do likewise. I weakly said that I would consider it and hoped that my face wouldn’t give me away. I think after 35 years I have done my bit and prefer my mind to wrestle with other tasks. I would never have guessed that he was illiterate when we knew each other, but then it didn’t matter, we were just good friends. But I am glad that he now is benefitting from a confidence that only came to fruition because he was courageus enough to say I can’t do this, but I want to. I found our converssation together very awkward (at the time I did wonder if he partly blamed me for his early predicament), but now I understand why he chose to tell me and was so persistent. He was exorcising his last Demon and putting his soul to rest. Good on yer mate!
Before returning home we went out for an evening meal to a pub in Firbeck, We were hoping to have a meal on a hot brick (we had one last year and it was delicious, but disappointingly they didn’t do it any more (lack of bricks, due to credit crunch).
Three days before our windows were being put in, the loft insulation team arrived and ……………………………… did a good job! We were surprised at how careful and thorough they were. It was a very hot day and it must have been like Hell up there. It certainly has made a difference to the ambient temperature of the house.
The window people were from Birmingham (not a derogatory comment) and also were very good. Extremely neat and efficient. On the second day two teams turned up and managed to complete all 20 windows. I gave them each a bottle of lager (I have it on good authority that, that is what Brummies eat and drink). When we had an extension built at our last house, I gave the builder a bottle of champagne (but he was from Rutland and his current girl friend was the daughter of the Duke of Burleigh). The windows are brill’ and now we can see clearly ………….  the spiders building their silky webs and taking advantage of their new 95% efficient, eco-friedlyenvironment. I do believe one has started to weave a miniature windfarm by the lounge window, and by the number of flies caught, it appears there have been quite a few protesters!
Harborough is being dug up at the moment, they are replacing all the gas pipes. They chose to do ours when the windows were being put in. They dug a big hole in the drive, then filled it in (don’t know why). They dug a deep hole in the concrete path at the back of the house next to the meter. The following day a gas fitter arrived and asked us why they had dug a hole. He pointed out that they were replacing all the metal gas pipes with bright and shiny yellow plastic ones. In the bottom of our hole was a bright and shiny yellow plastic pipe. Later that day they filled in the hole and concreted it. It’s a mystery that I don’t feel I want to get involved in.
I haven’t had many emails from my Bulgarian Brother this last 2 weeks, but he has sent quite a few photos. I won’t publish them, this is my blog, not his, and he should start his own! I did email him to let him know about a meteorite storm that the Earth was currently passing through and producing spectacular diplays. He and Genya settled back on sunbeds in the garden late that night to watch. They did see quite a few, but it was the serenade of the local Jackal pack that appeared to be getting closer and closer that gained most of their attention. Particularly when they appeared in the field next the the house. Genya legged it back into the house, taking with her the only torch, leaving David to fend off any hungry animal without his flip-flops (they had fallen off). I haven’t recieved any emails since that night. So………….. either it was Genya who wrote the email and David has been gobbled up, or David wrote the email and Genya has been shoved down the well.
I can’t say that all the Newarks are well, because one is not. Charlotte has got ‘Swine Flu’ and is pretty poorly. They were coming down tonight to celebrate Sue’s birthday (Sunday). It is quite worrying as they are flying off to the Carribean in 2 weeks time. Hope she gets better quickly (she is a tough old bird, nearly 27 years old now!)
No news about Nan, she is watching the cricket and having her hair done. She is also organising a new shed. She has it in mind that the old shed is too small, so she is going to have a bigger one. She is not trying to keep up with the neighbours or even out do theirs, they don’t have sheds. Again, it’s one of life’s mysteries that I do not wish to get involved in anymore.
I was volunteered to be the new Membership Secretary at the Rugby Club, so I am busy adding to a database, making forms and pestering people for money. I do a lot of paperwork and sit in front of the computer. It is a mystery to me why I said yes!!!!!!!!
As you will see from the photos, Sarah and I had a great day canoeing, the blackberries were the biggest I have ever seen and tated delicious (you will have to take my word for that). The day was warm, the tide was out and the boats were narrow. I loved it. We both fell asleep when we got home!

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