A week is not a summer!

The promised heat wave arrived, lasted a week and left. We are again back to rain showers (frequent) and occasional thunderstorms. The difference is that it doesn’t rain all day and the temperature is not so cold.

Ellis is now two years old (31st July).

He celebrated by chilling out, steaming up and cooling off.

He had a BBQ at home followed by a ride on a steam train at Lamport and then another BBQ and a dip in the pool in Harborough. I think I didn’t do any of that when I was two, how times have changed. Steam trains were certainly more prevalent than today, but the closest thing we ever came to a BBQ was when the Sunday joint got burnt and a  dip in the pool meant a paddle in the stream, down the road.

Sue and I had our 36th wedding anniversary. We celebrated by having a very nice meal at the Brownsover Hall Hotel near Rugby. We had a walk around hotel grounds before the meal and had a drink in the bar after the meal. We have decided to return and have a picnic in the park next to the hotel at some future date.

Restaurant at Brownsover Hall Hotel in Rugby

Last Saturday we went on a walk with the Council. The departure point was Lamport Steam Railway Station. The route took us through some very pretty villages before returning back to the pub next to the station and a nice lunch.

We also went to the Harborough Cinema to watch ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.’ A very funny story about ‘senior cits’ retiring to a rundown hotel in India. I highly recommend it for an entertaining evening.

The last time we had a family meal that wasn’t a BBQ, was our Mexican Evening. This time we has an Italian evening. Charlotte made Fusilli with Spinach and Asiago Cheese, Sarah made a selection of pizzas and I made Italian pork meatballs with parmesan, in a tomato and Basil sauce. Nan came to eat and ate the most I have seen her eat in a long while, so it must have been good!

With the weather being so hot, the pool was used every day by Sarah, Charlotte and the boys. A couple of days Charlotte invited a friend and her children over as well and Sarah also had a friend come down form Sheffield for the day. It is nice to see the pool being used , hopefully the sun will return again before the winter and it will get some more use. As I write this the sky is black and the lightning is flashing cross the sky.

The allotments and garden are now in full swing and most of the vegetables are being picked and consumed. Apart from the potatoes it appears to be a bumper year. The vines are filling out nicely. Yesterday, I pruned and weeded around them again for the third time this year.

Nan is now registered with the local Doctors and had to have a blood test this week (she has diabetes). I took her down to the surgery (in the rain) and then to the pharmacist to pick up her repeat prescription. I ordered her a jar of sugar-free sweets off the internet and they arrived the other day, they look and taste like the real thing, but I am sure they will do her a lot more good than the sweets that she likes ton eat in the evening watching TV.

The Golden tickets that I won in a competition eventually made their way to Sarah, Lee, Jamie and a friend of Jamie’s. Sarah and Lee went on the train to London. Jamie and his friend drove to St. Alban’s and then caught the train in. Despite frequent showers they had an excellent time, though Jamie was ill on the day and returned late in the afternoon. Sarah went to Earl’s Court the following week to see the Boxing with Lee. She went to Lee’s the night before and then drove down with his father and a cousin. She returned home the day afterwards on the train from Nottingham. We all received texts from her while she was watching the bouts as she was sat near the ring, but unfortunately the lights in the hall were so dark that at you couldn’t really see any one in the audience on the TV (shame, we all are supposed to have 15 minutes of fame!) Jamie has gone to Santa Pod this weekend with his mates (hope he doesn’t get too wet).

I rang Roger during the week and we arranged to visit Joan and Phil in Italy. We fly out on the 14th and return on the 22nd. I shall hopefully be picking up a few tips on what to do with my vines as they seem to be producing quite a lot of grapes this year.

Yesterday Sue, Charlotte, Sarah and the boys went to Kelmarsh Hall’s  ‘Big Day Out’. Despite the rain showers they had great fun having a go on all the attractions and sheltering in the car during the downpours.

I have played a couple of games against Suraj recently. We should play more to improve our strokes. It can be such a frustrating game at times. You can play a good hole and then completely mess it up on the next, while doing exactly the same as you did previously (or so you think). More practice is the key.

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