And a bit more….

At the end of the last blog we had Jamie and Sarah ill with a sickness bug. That night I rang the Rothwell’s for a chat and discovered that they also had succumbed. Sue and I fully expected to make it a ‘family thing’, but obviously our generation is made of much sterner stuff and it passed us by.

Sarah was sufficiently recovered by Wednesday and we both set about  revising for her last exam (of this session). She was too ill to go to school but as she said she had to revise as their was no choice. I DO NOT like Psychology. In fact I am getting fed up of all ‘ologies! However, Sarah set off for her exam on Friday morning and rang afterwards to report that the questions we had concentrated on had come up and she thought she had done well. We now have a few weeks remission.

Sue worked on Monday and Thursday afternoon this week. She went out for coffee with Lynne Keene (Charlotte’s  old baby minder) on Wednesday. Today she is off to the cinema with Brigitte to watch a film set in the 60’s. I am told it wouldn’t appeal to me (luckily).

On Friday night, after Charlotte had visited next door for her Reflexology session, I cooked a very nice Chicken Korma for the family. Jamie and Harley turned up and also Brigitte and Jim (not to eat). England were playing Wales and I had the projector set up to watch it. Luckily people got the right idea and the Rothwell’s left followed by Jamie and Harley. Jim and I settled down to watch the rugby with the traditional beer and nuts and were treated to a deserved England victory. Sue and Brigitte chatted about non-rugby issues.

On Sunday we travelled to Rothwell for a late Lunch. Charlotte cooked chicken with some very delicious parsnips (done in duck fat, I am told). Washed down by a very special bottle of beer. We had a choice of pudding, but I chose apple crumble, I can’t remember what other people had (must have been the beer). We ate in the dining room on the table transported from Newark and re-assembled by Suraj. Though everyone sat down gingerly, it felt as if the  chairs and table were earthquake proof and no-one ended up on the floor. We had coffee in the lounge upstairs and left around 9pm.

Charlotte had sold her Discovery and purchased a Ford Fusion, a more sensible replacement. Suraj had also sold his Saxo so was carless as the BMW was untaxed. He was using the Fusion to get to work which meant that I was running Lucas to playgroup in the afternoons and while he was there I busied myself by doing a few jobs around the Rothwell annex. Wallpaper and shelves got put up in Lucas’s room and some drains got looked at. I couldn’t ferry Lucas on Wednesday as both Sue’s and my car were having their MOT’s. To our very big surprise, they both passed.  By Thursday the BMW was sold and a Smart car had been purchased for Suraj.

We have had tremendous gales nearly all week (still today and forecast for tomorrow).  So far no damage around the place other that the dead trees in the garden (killed by the winter frost) have lost their leaves and looked very pathetic. It did strip off the felt on the shed roof but I put it back and placed a lot of bricks on top and as we speak it is still there. However, this morning I popped around to a friend’s to fix his computer and on the way back I visited the allotment to see if my shed was still there. Surprisingly it was, but my next door neighbours was in bits. He was there with his two sons trying to put it back together, but it was still too windy. I left them to their task, pleased that my old second-hand rickety hut was made of Yorkshire grit and determination!

I refereed  in Leicester (on Victoria Park) on Saturday afternoon. It was a good game but really not well contested as the 40:0 score line might suggest. It was notable for the broken leg and dislocated shoulder counted among the various injuries. Did I really play this game? I drove back to Harborough and watched the Scotland game at the Club. When I got home I discovered that Lee was down for the weekend. He and Sarah played Monopoly and then went for an unhealthy KFC. He left Sunday morning as Sarah went off to work at ‘Savers’.

Today we were going for a ‘Snowdrop Walk’ at Maidwell Hall, but it is too windy and there is rain in the air. It is a  shame as we have been saying we should do it for years and when we finally decide to make the effort, the weather defeats us.

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