Valentine and Vines

It’s Valentine’s Day. This evening we had a surprise visit from Lee who brought a huge card for Sarah, stayed a couple of hours then drove back to Nottinghamshire. This morning when I had made my first coffee of the day I was greeted with a card from Sue. I didn’t have one to exchange as we had agreed not to bother (quite a few years ago). She must be getting romantic or perhaps the coffee jar was poisoned and it was guilt. Come to think about it, I do have a dicky tummy. Too late to change the will!

Last Tuesday I drove up to Thurcroft and stayed with Nan for a few days. Tuesday was exceptionally sunny so we went to Rother Valley Country Park for the afternoon (after buying a new microwave oven at a local shop). Quite a lovely place, we bought a bracelet made of pewter for Charlotte at a craft shop and drove around the lake looking at ducks. The cafe served a fine chilli at just the right degree of spiciness. We watched Wales get stuffed by Ireland (soccer) on the TV during the evening. Wednesday saw us go to the White Elephant Thai restaurant for lunch and then in the afternoon I cut back the Quince bush and planted some spring bulbs. In the late afternoon, David magically appeared and we had a nice chat about Bulgaria, cars and education. He had bought a 2TB hard drive to put movies on for him to watch in Bulgaria. It is now filled with only a couple of gigabytes left. When he left, Nan and I settled back to watch England v Denmark, it was surprisingly entertaining. On Thursday I had lamb chops for lunch and then drove to Newark to pick up the ceramic plant pots that had been left with neighbours during the move.

Aerial Photo

Friday night was curry night. Charlotte, Lucas and Ellis arrived at 3.30 pm and Charlotte popped next door for her Reflexology session. Sue had a phone call at 1.05 pm begging her to go into school to cover a class that was having trouble with a new child and she rushed off, she got back at 4.30 pm. Suraj arrived just after 5 pm. Jamie and Harley had popped in briefly to say hello and use my computer. We had curry and played with the young ‘uns until they left around 9 pm.

On Saturday afternoon I was in Loughborough refereeing the Student’s 2nd team against Oadby Wyggs 2nd team. It was a fast game and my little legs felt it afterwards. I missed the England/Italy game but got home in time to see Scotland humiliated by Wales. I vaguely remember seeing Brigitte pop into the lounge during the game. By half-time, I had figured out that she and Sue were going to see a film at the Cinema Club. When Sue returned, she said that it had been very enjoyable. I haven’t a clue where Sarah was, but she was in the house somewhere (I think).

On Sunday I popped down to my allotment and planted my first row of vines. When I got back, Jamie arrived with Harley. He wanted my computer again. He confirmed that they both were going to Charlotte’s for dinner. Sarah was working at Savers until 4.15 pm. We picked her up in her car and she drove Sue and I to Charlotte’s. We had beef for dinner, though she had done chicken for Suraj and Harley. Again, it was lovely and I stuffed myself (as usual). You never know when your next meal is coming, especially in these difficult times! Ellis is so alert now. You have to keep your eye on him. I played roll the car down the corridor with Lucas, he loved it but I think Charlotte was more concerned about her paintwork. We left at 7.30 pm to watch ‘Lark Rise to Candleford’ on the TV.  Sarah and I never miss it.  Sadly it was the last ever episode.

Today is Valentine’s Day. After purchasing posts and wire I planted 3 more rows of vines. I now have a vineyard made up of 10 white and 10 red vines. Not a big vineyard by industrial standards, but in a few years it will produce some fine wine, or the plants will be dug up and sold on eBay (plan B).

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