Still Raining

It was still raining in Pudong and other than a brief mooch around the area wrapped tightly in our rain gear we didn’t move far from the hotel.  While we spent part of the morning reading the newspapers at the Crowne Plaza, a couple of excited guests informed us that they are moving back to the Crowne Plaza as they had heard Virgin will be giving $100 compensation per person per day for accommodation. Intrigued, I duly returned to the Ibis and rang Virgin who confirmed the $100 compensation. but they weren’t sure. I asked them to email me with the details as confirmation (they haven’t so far). I also rang Cruise1st to ask what would be the cost of moving back to the Crowne Plaza; they could book us in for £96 a day, which was their discounted travel agency rate (I calculated this to be £1800 approx. as opposed to £300+ approx. at the Ibis). I had to let them know by email and they would arrange it for us. We will stay in the Ibis as payment has to be upfront and I prefer to pay the latter if Virgin decide not to compensate and I have to rely on my travel insurance which only covers up to £500. Some guests have moved back to the Crowne, but most have stayed.
During the evening, the rain had stopped so we went out for dinner with a pleasant couple from Newcastle. Unfortunately, the wife has the early stages of Parkinson’s disease (we think), so it was refreshing to get away from the hotel and the constant conversation about ash clouds and travel companies. Returning to our hotel room, Sue and I watched a programme on the TV about a recent Chinese earthquake appeal which was very similar to our BBC Children in Need programmes. Before I fell asleep I started one of Sue’s books that she had read on the cruise and surprisingly found it quite absorbing (I am getting worried).
I got up early this morning for breakfast and left Sue in bed. We are planning to take the Metro into the old part of town.

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