Second Blogg

Didn’t think I would get around to adding anymore this week as I have been tired as during the week I was getting into school before 7.00am as the head is away with the Year6 Residential Field trip to York, and as I teach all day, the organisation/paperwork/planning etc. had to be done either before or after school, and I knew I would have to see parents, advisors etc after school, but  I did manage to get away before 6.oopm each day. Though, I did fall asleep at home and didn’t attend the PTA meeting on Wednesday night. They managed without me, and I told them I had forgotten, (I thought that If I said I had fallen asleep at 7.00pm, they would think I was getting old, and though that may be true, I think there is more sympathy with the onset of amnesia!) It rained all week in York and we had glorious weather in Harborough, with rain only appearng on Thursday night to spoil my weekly tennis game.
Jamie’s moped got sick on Tuesday night on the way to the Foxton Locks. I nipped over around 8pm to check it out, it appeared to work but sounded sickly. I told him to give me ring when he finished work and I would follow him home in the car (mistake!). He usually finishesh around 10.30pm, but as the weather was good there were lots of guests, so the phone call came in at 11.45pm. His speed was variable on the way back, but he managed it. The bike is now in the garage awaiting repair, I wonder how much it will cost, because I know who will have to pay. He was having a visit from a friend from Mansfield on Saturday, her name is Morgan and though she has been before, she is not a girlfriend he insists, but just a friend that is a girl. I can’t work that one out.
I drove up to Thurcroft to see my mother on Friday, it was her birthday on Saturday (she is as old as I feel!), Sarah couldn’t come because of music lessons and a Swimming Gala, also quite a lot of homework (which surprisingly, she does willingly, I never did). We did have to visit the Doctors for our innoculation jabs for holiday, but luckily only Sarah had to have any, but we did get the bad news that we would need malaria tablets.  I did spot a couple of tornadoes over towards Leicester while driving up the M1. One did a bit of damage to the East of Leicester (according to the radio) and another one apparently went over our house (accordind to Sue). The house was still there when I got back on Sunday, though there appears to be a lot of sand in the pool, which is not a good sign.
I took my mother over to see my step brother David in Atlthorp (Lincolnshire), it’s a lovely place, especially now that he is getting into gardening. He is looking more and more like his father, everytime I see him. I offered to take him and Genya out for lunch, but they declined. I don’t think I have ever seen them eat. There is is no cooker or oven in their fabulous kitchen and the micro-wave doesn’t appear to have a plug on it? They have the most unique dining set I have ever seen, and they won’t sell it to me (they turned down £2000!!!!). They are obviously vampires and not in need of such formal dining arrangements as a table. It obviously accounts for why all the people that work at their Drop-in Centre are all pasty faced and shy away from the light.
I took my mother to a pub in Firbeck on Staurday night for a birthday treat, and we had a most unusual meal, we had to cook it ourselves at the table on a slab of very hot stone. They called it ‘On the Rock’. I found it quite entertaining, but the rock stayed very hot for a very long time. I don’t think I would give it to a child to eat from, they would want to touch it, I did! You can just see the solicitors lining up.
Charlotte reqested that I pop over to Newark on Sunday as it was Father’s Day. Suraj and and Lucas were both fine now and it was safe for the old man to risk his life. We had a lovely walk around the grounds of the Offices, where Suraj has his new Job. It’s down by the river and really is a very nice place to work, I hope the residents of Newark, who pay for it through their rates, appreciate it. Taking grandad for a quiet walk on a Sunday afternoon is I know a national pastime, but this grandad still enjoys ice skating, scuba diving, trampolining, tennis, paintballing, snorkelling, caving, quad-biking, jet-skiing, tree climbing, chain-sawing, diving, eating crocodile and making sloe gin!!!! The last walk I went for, was on a Saturday two weeks ago, in the driving rain along the Fosse Way over 11 miles (because I was bored and had nothing else to do) and I did it in 3 hours.
We had a lovely BBQ for lunch, beautifully cooked by Charlotte. Unfortunately, the meat they had bought was still frozen. Luckily, I had brought a pile of BBQ meat from Thurcroft that was not frozen. So, we had that. It appears that parents don’t stop being parents even though their children leave home, are in their third house, have a young son, and have now acquired the title of Grand parents…….we still continue to feed them.
To-night I have promised to watch a DVD with Sue and Sarah (Jamie is working), so must  go now.

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