Lucas is Five!

The central heating got fixed on Friday, the week had been cold and Sue and I had worn our ‘thermals’ all week. By 10pm most nights we were in bed (with hot water bottles). During the week I had replaced one of the security lights out side from a massive 800 watt energy guzzler to a a nice 120 watt dinky one. Plus, later that day Sue pointed out that when I had ‘turned down’ one of the garage freezers to 1 last week, I had in fact ‘turned it up’ to 9!!! I knew I should have worn my glasses. Now that we have a smart meter installed it is quite frightening to see it turn red and you find yourself wondering what caused it, so I go for a little hunt around the house to find the culprit. It is usually the fridge in the kitchen or Jamie has arrived.

We had a lot of wind this week, I was hoping that all the leaves I hadn’t managed to sweep up last week would blow away down river, but shock horror, new piles appeared! One of the fence panels blew down, so I nailed it back into place. Doreen came out to see what I was doing and offered to give me some Reflexology sessions. I hope they do me good. A little later, I noticed that Nigel (school caretaker) was making the fence panel firmer with screws rather than nails. We had a chat about school, glad I am not there now!

Sue and I found a very flat stone when on the beach in Devon and at the time thought it would make a nice headstone for Murphy. This week I carved Murphy’s name into it and then painted the lettering in gold (looked quite effective). I gave it to Charlotte and it now resides with Murphy.

Sarah came home on Wednesday. I picked up from Leicester station. She had a driving lesson on Thursday and took her test on Friday. Unfortunately, she failed on one ‘Major’, so close. I think she has put he name down for a cancellation to take it again as soon as possible.

Saturday was Lucas’s 5th birthday. Charlotte had booked the rugby club for a party. The whole family was down at the club waiting at the gates for Gary the bar steward to turn up at 8.30am. A good job I rang him at 8.15am as he had forgotten. As soon as he turned up we set about putting out the tables and blowing up balloons etc. Suraj’s sister Nina and son had come over for the party and were with us. The party was due to start at 9.30am and did so, despite the morning being the coldest one of the winter so far and there being a hard frost out side. Everyone had fun, I thought about going on the bouncy castle, but I guess I am too old now and would probably suffer for it later, so I didn’t.

Sarah returned to Uni’ on Saturday afternoon. She has a few essays to write before Monday(she has an exam) and wanted to get back. On Tuesday she is meeting Nan Meadowhall to do a spot of shopping. On Wednesday I am driving up there to bring them both home for Christmas (weather permitting). That afternoon I went down to the Rugby Club to watch the Thirds play, but when I got there the opposition had failed to turn up. The Vets were playing the Thirds in a fun game, so I borrowed a whistle from behind the bar and refereed it (in winter coat and hiking boots), I had fun, not sure they did. Afterwards I watched rugby on the TV with Jim and Jim (yes, there is two of them).

Jamie has been busy Christmas shopping. The other day he and Harley spent the afternoon buying presents and then popped around to wrap them up. They both seemed excited about the coming celebration. According to Jamie’s Facebook, his bank account has taken a bit of hammering (I wonder if I will get that red Ferrari this year?)  He plays soccer at the High School in Rothwell on Thursday nights, last week, despite having a nasty chesty cold, he played against Sebastian Vettel’s chief mechanic (I bet he was quick!).

I spoke to David on Skype the other night, he has been busy painting Nan’s lounge, and he replaced the curtain railings. He has promised to clean the carpets with the Unit’s cleaner. He and Genya enjoyed Sunday lunch cooked by Nan and we are not sure what they are doing for Christmas, in fact I am not sure whether David celebrates it (he used to be a practising Jehova’s Witness).

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