Oriana 14

We woke very late this morning, even so there were few in breakfast indicating that our fellow passengers had ‘chilled out’ more then we.
During the morning we attended a lecture on the Aurora Borealis, the Oriana is sailing to the northwest of Iceland next March to see a total eclipse of the sun (next one 2090!) and it will also be tracking the Aurora, it should be an amazing cruise.
Sue went shopping and read her book while I attended the next lecture on WW2 Spies. I learnt that Germany didn’t have any effective spies in Britain, as we had broken their codes we caught them as soon as they arrived and either hung them or they worked for us deceiving the German High Command. Hitler even awarded our most effective counter spy with the Iron Cross.

118_5504 118_5502
We met up again in the cabin and had lunch together in the Oriental. Afterwards we sat in the Crow’s Nest, dismayed that there was thick fog outside and drizzling, the Oriana dolefully sounded her horn every few minutes to warn other shipping and rogue icebergs to get out of our way. I read my book while Sue moved to the rear of the ship to read hers as the movement of the ship at the front made her feel a little whoozy. Later she went to see the Oriana Choir in the theatre. The choir was made up of passengers that had been practicing various songs all week. One of the choristers was the secretary from the Meadows Primary who I think is called Mrs. Friend, but I am still not sure. Sue reported back that the concert was excellent, perhaps I shouldn’t have totally chilled out by napping in the cabin and watched it too.
During the afternoon the skies cleared to azure blue and though not flat calm there were no little white tops to the surrounding sea. After coffee we chatted to a nice couple from South Wales and then took a couple of turns around the deck,  using the binoculars to spot the various ships dotted on the horizon, somewhere during our run through the fog the Oil rigs had disappeared. Perhaps why the ship’s horn was being sounded previously was to mask the crunch of the rigs as we ran over them, they don’t seem to move very swiftly.

We returned to the Crow’s Nest and both sat reading in the warmth of the sun streaming through the large panoramic windows, until it go rather too hot for comfort. Consulting the Horizon (on board magazine) we decided to visit the Tiffany Lounge that was about to have a quiz. After quizzing, I read my book and Sue visited the Library, returning with a stack full of women’s magazines that she flicked through until returning to the cabin to start the depressing job of packing. I completed a chapter and joined her.
Packing didn’t take too long and we changed for the evening meal and then left the cabin noticing that many suitcases had already been left for collection in the corridors by passengers that were obvious keener than ourselves to leave the ship. The meal was excellent as always (well done P & O chefs)and sadly we said goodbye to our fellow diners before trotting off to the other end of the ship to watch another tremendous, standing ovation performance from the Four Tunes.
Returning to the cabin we packed the last items into our cases and left them in the corridor, they looked rather lonely as most of the others had departed.


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