Oriana 15

We woke earlier than intended, not because we were eager to depart (we would have preferred to stay and see the Baltic), but the noise of the ship getting ready to dock is now quite familiar and better than an alarm clock. Despite being in breakfast before 7am, we had to share a table with a pair of old wrinklies who did like to chat.

Thankfully when we rose our cases had disappeared from the corridor outside our cabin so were safely in the ‘the system’ and we wouldn’t see them again until we disembarked. We didn’t bother going on deck as good old British weather was on form with a shower and we rode the elevator to deck 13 and the Crows Nest. We were the first there and settled down in front of the panoramic windows to wait our turn to disembark. We were soon joined by other passengers but by then we were both engrossed in our books and took little notice except when the Tannoy announced the departure of a another group. We were not due to leave until 9.45am so were surprised when we were called nearly an hour early (well done P&O).

Leaving the ship was ‘plain sailing’, our cases were found straight away, as was our transfer bus point AND we were directed straight onto the coach! Arriving at the car-park we were pleased to see that our car had been placed at the front of the queue! AND I was given my keys first!

The journey back should also have been ‘a piece of cake’, but Friday traffic meant that it was stop start all the way and seemed to take ages. I was pretty fed-up with driving when we eventually did arrive home.


SUMMARY: Sue didn’t want a fuss made of her 60th birthday and she achieved it. Norway is a stunningly picturesque place to visit that has jaw dropping views where ever you look. The Oriana is a lovely, friendly ship with an excellent (none Italian) captain, providing superb food and entertainment. As an adult only ship it has certain advantages. I think we both wouldn’t hesitate to sail in her again (if ever the opportunity arose).


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