What a good week!

Undeniably the highlight was England beating France (untrustworthy Gauls) in France in the World Cup Semi-finals. Oh Yes, the England soccer team won 3:0 against Estonia (Who?).
It was a good week for me at school; postal strike meant no post, so it was an unbelievable reduction in reading matter, even elctronic mail went quiet (must be some link there?), we had interviews for the new Head and the Governors appointed a guy that had been on Teachers TV (he takes over in January, and good luck to him, on Friday I cleared 3 carrier bags of dog muck from the school playing field on Friday, he can do that now!), the Governors in their generosity decided that as I had now sorted out all the problems left by the previous head, I would stay on the Head teacher’s salary (Wow! there is a tooth fairy after all) until I retire (I might not now!!!!!).
Sarah had a swimming Gala in Peterborough over the weekend and managed to have a sleep over at a friends on Friday night. She made tomato soup at school this week and got an A+ for it. I tried some it the other day and it was certainly A++++!.
Jamie has a NEW grilfriend, she seems a little too sophisticated for him and mature, but she is certainly good looking , so it won’t last until next week-end. Hewas in London during the week at a Fashion show (he was working there with his boss). He stayed at a Thistle Hotel next to the City of London Airport. Jamie doesn’t drink, but they had an entertainment budget of £3000, and I believe they worked their way through most of it! He bought a mini-motorbike today, and hass been whizzing around the patio on it with his girlfriend watching (I don’t think she was impressed).
Nan rang me to day and stressed that I must mention it (it doesn’t happen often). Charlotte is fine though she has taken to covering herself in olive oil whenever the phone rings (I don’t know why). Sue has been busy with schoolwork and helping Sarah with her recipes. She made a delicious shepherds pie on Wednesday (another highlight!)

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