A sloe week -end

Sarah got back on her feet by Thursday and managed to attend school. She looked painfully thin and pale and was very tired on Thursday evening, yet she went to school on Friday. She seemed much better over the week-end but a little grumpy (but then most tenagers are!)
Sue had her usual two days in school and didn’t pick up any other supply days. Teachers are still fresh from their holidays and don’t fall ill until the weather gets colder.
My week started with a bang. One of the staff informed me that his wife had decided to divorce him and that he was sleeping in a local hotel. That’s the second staff member that it has happened to in 3 nmonths. The rest of the week was more tree felling.
Jamie actually washed his care today. I wrote ‘clean me’ in the dirt on the bonnet and it must have been a constant reminder when he was driving. He still has the same girlfriend.
Charlotte, Suraj and Lucas came to stay on Friday and Saturday night. Charlotte had wion VIP tickets to the ‘Grand Designs Exhibition’ at the NEC Birmingham. They took Sarah with them on Saturday and left Lucas with his grandparents (that’s Sue and I). I had a BBQ with some rugby friends in the afternoon and we watched England versus Australia. AMAZING!!!! we won. I was even cheering the French on when they beat New Zealand!!!!! I usually can’t stand the French, so arrogant and untrustworthy (that’s a balanced view, held by me since having a holiday in France in 1976). I took some nice photos of Lucas and he doesn’t look French,  but the ducks do.
On Sunday I decided to scour the hedgerows for Sloes, ready for making Sloe Gin, next week. I managed to get a a carrier bag full, but it is not a prolific year for them. It is so relaxing picking the tiny things, but not as much as drinking the liquid I make from them. It is Sue’s favourite tipple.

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