Sick Sarah

The only family news this week was Sarah falling foul of a sickness bug that refuese to go away. She went down with a headache and continual throwing up of anything she ate or drank and despite two visits to the Doctors and a trip to Kettering hospital today, she is still ill. However, during the last hour she has asked for a jacket potato, we shall see what happens with that! The tablets don’t stay down for long, hopefully King Edward will have more staying power.
My highlights of the week was that I cleaned out the greenhouse ready for the winter, and waterproofed the garage roof.
Jamies highlight was that he still has the same girlfriend for a week now, her name is Lara, unfortunately she is not related to the Crofts.
Sue has been tired all week, keeping Sarah company through the night.
Nan actually remebered to ring me (twice) this week. Not a lot of news, except Noel’s father had died of cancer and she didn’t know when the funeral was. Noel is an old school friend.
I am afraid I haven’t heard from Charlotte, but that means things are fine.  I believe they are thinbking of where to go on holiday, they have more than teachers do!

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