A very short blog

 Not much has happened for anybody in the family this week.  So here are the highlights:
* I had a seven-ball finish at a game of pool on Thursday night (3rd time in 54 years!)
* Sarah came 3rd at backstroke in a Gala on Saturday (her weakest stroke!)
* Jamie cleaned the inside of his car (again), the outside is still dirty, and he bought two new front tyres.
* Sue booked her car in for a service and then annoyed the spiders by wiping their cobwebs from the windows outside (they were back the following day!)
* Lucas had his first swimming lesson with Charlotte.
* Nan came back from Wales as she had forgotten to take enough of her tablets to stay any longer.
* England beat Samoa and we had a BBQ in the garden afterwards.
* Chocolate and Honey (guinea pigs) were treated to pears from the fruit trees and stuffed themselves, very nearly ending up on the BBQ!

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