A quicker blog.

What, writing another blog in just a few days? Well, Sarah marched in Harborough’s Remembrance Sunday Parade, and she looked so smart that Sue and I felt so proud it had to be mentioned a.s.a.p.
The day before the parade, Sue had to drive to Thrapston to buy a pair of special ‘Air Cadet’ shoes so that she could wear them whilst marching, it seems it’s the only place you can get them. Having bought them, they look remarkably like a pair of school shoes!
I refereed at Oakham School on Saturday and managed to tweak my hamstring (ouch!!!), I managed to finish the game, though I am sure there must have been lots of decisions not given as I couldn’t keep up with the play very well. Oakham School certainly does have some superb facilities; the games master was an ex-England Rugby and Tigers international. Oakham won 47:0.
Good news from the Newark branch of the family, Suraj has been given a permanent post with Newark Council. It was quite a surprise as they are laying off a large number of staff.

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