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The photo I took the other night seems quite an appropriate back drop to my latest bit of news (later).
Jamie had a big fall out with Harriet last week and they parted company with quite a lot of shouting and tears. I believe it was over a film that Jamie found boring so he left  Harriet in the cinema amd returned 20 mins later after having something to eat. I think it was a little insensitive and I can understand how she was upset, but then what do I know? The following night he drove up with a friend to see Nan, though he was offered to stay the night he returned early the next day. He spent the last week moping around his room, playing on his play station and being unusually polite. He has asked his mum to have a word with the Swimming Club as he wants to start swimming again (what is going?) Yesterday, he disappeared in his car and returned half an hour later with Harriet, and tonight he is going to the cinema with one of his friends, confusing isn’t it?
Sarah has signed up to a world challenge to Costa Rica in 2010. She has to raise £3000. She says she can do it. I hope she can. It should be a brilliant experience. She has been off school the last two days with a sickness bug that appears to be working its way around the town. She is now back in her own bedroom as it has been decorated and she helped Sue sort out her things. A lot of stuff was put aside for Lucas, car booting and the tip in that order. I was amazed at how much make-up etc that she possesses, I am beginning to wonder how much of my daughter is real!
Sue has been busy working and doing the housework. We have even been shopping with each other a couple of times (practically unheard of!), though only for things for Sarah’s room. She did buy something for the first time on ebay (I think she sneakily liked to idea of bidding).
I have been refereeing and aggravating my leg. I now have a pulled hamstring to compliment my crucia ligament problem, if I had any sense I should give it a rest for a few weeks, but that won’t happen! This week I cleaned the pool, painted the garage floor and replaced a garden gate that got blown down in the gales.
Charlotte went up to Nan’s on Monday, she tool Lucas with her. I had cut a load of logs there from an old apple tree, and next door are having an extension and have kindly put aside any wood. Charlotte took them home to burn on their open fire. After returning home, she had to call the fire-brigade out when her wheely bin caught fire next to the gas cannisters that they have for the central heating. It sounds as if they were very lucky not to have had the house burnt down. They can’t use the gas as the the system has to be checked over before it can be used. Things could have been very much worse. Funny, but it was that evening that I took the photo that is displayed, I must be telepathic!

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