Three weeks of news

The last three weeks sem to have flown by and this is what I remember of it:
Been busy at school. She had a flight with the air cadets at RAF Wittering in a Cessna, she really enjoyed that. She attended the air cadets Annual Dinner, with Air Commodore present, it was very formal and lots of awards given out. When we arrived to pick her up, the Commodore made a bee-line to talk to us, a pleasant chap what oh! She went to London with Charlotte and Claire (Charlotte’s friend), They arrived Friday night and caught the 6.30am train to London. Lots of shopping (apparently) and returned for 6pm. They stayed until Sunday evening. At the last moment they brought Lucas with them as Suraj had to knock the fireplace about ready to fit a woodburner that they had bought off ebay. Sue had to look after him as I  also was in London to watch England play the All Blacks. At present Sarah has had a couple of days off school with a chest bug that is hitting schools (see Sue’s slot). This week-end she is supposed to go to Edale with the Air Cadets, I expect a miraculous recovery in time to go.
Sue has been busy secretly shopping for things (Christmas presents, I think!) and packing as many days in school as possible. She had Lucas to look after last weekend, I think they went shopping. We travelled up to Newark last Sunday for Lucas’s 2nd birthday. She shouldn’t have gone as she was too ill, but she insisted. Despite looking like  Death warmed up she also went into school on Monday morning. On Tuesday morning I took her to the doctors and then the Cottage Hospital for an x-ray on her chest. The doctors were going to admit her into Leicester Hospital as she had fluid on the lungs, but they decided to give her a massive dose of anti-biotics instead (I think she pressurised them).  She slept at home until 5pm when I took her back to the doctors. She said she felt better and they made an appointment to see her on Friday morning. She was supposed to be in school on Wednesday, but I rang them and told them she wouldn’t be in this week. She looks terrible but appears to getting better, but you can’t stop her tidying up etc!
He seems pretty ok at the moment, he is back with Harriet (but just friends?). He helped lay a floor at a friends house which he got paid for. Howver, the following day he parked his car at work and forgot to put the handbrake on and it rolled down a slope and through a neighbouring wooden fence. On Sunday it took him 7 hours with a friend, to replace the fence his car had destroyed. Surprisingly, not much damage to his car. He drove his own car to Newark (with Sarah) for Lucas’s birthday, he must enjoy driving. He did have a few days working on the Exhibitions, in London and Brimingham, I think he enjoys working away and appears to have fun, but he doesn’t speak much. At the moment I am decorating his bedroom and we are having differences in opinions in what it should look like. Apparently I am a rubbish carpenterand he is better, I already knew that! It’s a shame he doesn’t do it himself, but I suppose he would want paying?
I have finished decorating Sarah’s room, and are now working on Jamie’s, though the occasional work day in school is slowing things down. Apparently there is a nasty chest bug going around that is flattening everybody, and teachers are dropping like flies. I have been refereeing at the weekends, I refereed in a prison 2 weeks ago and had to stop the game early to protect the opposition from being beaten up. An interesting game. I had a pleasant day in London before watching the All Blacks beat England at Twickenham, a friend Paul had managed to get tickets. I went on the London Eye and also bought a thermal vest in M&S as it was soooo cold. The woodburner has been a wise purchase as the house is much warmer now, and today we had a man come to survey us for cavity wall insulation, it will probably be put in after Christmas.
She went into hospital for an injection in her eye (ouch) last week. The Botox enjection is supposed to correct her vision that is a bit skew-wiff. It worked for a while but it keeps returning. She still have wrinles.They have told her it will take a few weeks to work. Time will tell. She has been out and about as usual, even though the weather has been cold, having her hair done and going out for lunch with a friend. She is looking forward to coming down for Christmas.
Charlotte has got over her fright with the flaming wheely bin and has managed to entertain the family at Lucas’s birthday party (I liked the chilli). The new wood burner they have is excellent, it is the same one we wanted, but unfortunately wouldn’t fit in our fire-place. Surprisingly they all seem in reasonable health. Lucas has started his new Nursery and appears to enjoy it.

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