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Sue slowly recovered from a dose of Pleurisyand is now nearly back to normal. She was well enough to drive to Worcester to meet Philippa and swap Christmas presents, have lunch and do a bit of shopping.
Sarah had mock exams throughout the week and though suffering from a chest cold managed to keep smiling. Shockingly, she had an exam on the day the school broke up for Christmas, what is the world coming to?
Jamie has been very busy at work but managed to find time to help me with building a new wardrobe in his bedroom. Harriet I am reliably informed is now history, which is a shame as he had bought her a star for Christmas (You buy the right to name one of the trillions of stars that are being discovered). The other day he drove to Thrapston to see another girl, I hope she’s called Harriet or it looks like a wasted present.
I took a phone call during tea on Tuesday from the hospital in Rotherham. Nan had been delivering presents around the village and we think tripped over. She broke her wrist and badly cut and bruised the side of her face, smashing her glasses. Luckily, she was spotted by someone looking out of their window and they called an ambulance. I arrived at Rotherham General at about 7 pm and was allowed to take her home. We got to Thurcroft at 10 pm. She had been given a pain-killing injection which thankfully lasted until Thursday when we returned to the hospital to have a pot put on (she chose a rather festive red colour). Afterwards, I took her to Harborough to enjoy the delights of our new wood burner and an excellent waiter service. Though uncomfortable she is managing to get about the house and doesn’t appear to be in too much pain.
Charlotte and Suraj have now succumbed to a chest infection and from conversations on the phone, sound very poorly. Hopefully, they will be better by Wednesday which is the day they and Lucas come to Harborough to spend Christmas with us.
Against my better judgement, I had been coerced into agreeing to be Santa Claus at the Farndon Fields school Christmas Fayre. In anticipation, I had let my beard grow and encouraged it to turn white. Dressed in red and ensconced in a grotto with several elves in waiting, I was surprised that most of the children didn’t guess who Santa really was. However, it was an experience I don’t care to repeat.
The following Thursday night I was invited to the staff Christmas dinner at a local Italian restaurant. It was well attended, but unfortunately, I was seated next to a member of staff I didn’t really care to be sat next to and left early to go to a Christmas buffet held at the Catholic Club (which I enjoyed more). Coincidentally, that night was also Sue’s Christmas dinner at the Angel Hotel with the staff from Church Langton School.  She reported that unlike my pizza and pasta they were served up proper Christmas food.
Amazingly, despite feeling very bloated from back-to-back celebrations I managed to referee Harborough Vets on Saturday, it was quite a festive affair with lots of drink and loads of festive food consumed.

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