Summer Days

Unusually for a British summer, over the last few weeks, there have been regular drizzly showers, giving me ample opportunity to write a blog. Having just rapidly brought the washing in for the hundredth time, made myself a cup of coffee with our new ‘Tefal Quick-cup’ I am going to write this blog before I pick Sarah up from school at 10.30 am (she has a long break in between lessons and likes to come home to be with her dad).

The whole family is presently on tenterhooks waiting for Charlotte and the new baby to get their act together. The previous hot weather is making things uncomfortable for our very large Charlotte, I am told that she spent her days sitting in Lucas’s paddling pool, trying to remain cool. Perhaps the break in the weather may speed things up and encourage the little blighter to make an appearance.

Lucas had a day at his new school in preparation for the start of the Autumn Term, and by all accounts loved it. However, he was not very impressed when told that he was having a baby brother, he wanted a sister. Hopefully, starting school should take his mind off having to share his toys. I remember when Sue was in the latter stages of pregnancy, she was irrational and unreasonable to the extreme, I soon learned it was much better to stay out of the way until I was needed. Similarly, I haven’t heard anything about Suraj, no doubt he is keeping a low profile.

Nan has been watching a lot of sports on her brand-new HD Skybox. She went on a day trip to Bridlington this week there was quite a bit of sea fog and she couldn’t see far, so she made the best of it by shopping in the town. It was a long day and it tired her out, she was in bed by 7.30 pm. She informs me that the garden is looking good and the potatoes and onions are ready for picking. I bought her an air-con unit three years ago, it got very little use over the last two years, but this year it has been a godsend. Sometime next week I will be going up to Thurcroft to paint the outside of her house.

Recently, both Sue and I have been doing a few supply days in local schools, but as budgets are getting tighter we seem to be called in less and less.  It has given us time to keep up to date with the washing and the garden and they both look and smell nice!  The other day I made elderflower cordial, if I say so myself, it tastes gorgeous. I shall be making more as Sue has also taken a liking to it and it is disappearing fast. We have booked a week away with Sarah to the Azores, an archipelago composed of nine volcanic islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, in October. It is very volcanic and we must confess to feeling a little guilty as disaster usually visits any place we have visited soon after we have left! I suppose in this case it will be an eruption? You heard it first, here!

Last week I had a very pleasant walk along the Welland Valley last with Roger Woolnough and Jim Hankers. We followed the old Harborough to Peterborough line. It is now quite overgrown and was a challenge in several places to cross the  River Welland where the bridges had been taken down. Unfortunately, it was the hottest day of the summer so far, it was a relief to get to our destination, ‘The George Inn’ in Ashley and quench our now substantial thirst.

Later in the week, we had an England v Germany BBQ with friends, and a cooling swim in the pool to cool off before watching the game. The meat was tasty, the salad perfect and the England team was rubbish. I’ve lost interest in supporting them, I could have done better myself, stuff ‘em!

Jamie and Harley are now officially friends and not boyfriend and girlfriend (not sure what that means). They had a bit of a fallout, no doubt due to Jamie’s callous attitude to the female of the species. We still see Harley each week and things appear to be fine, but I think she has lost patience with him. She flew off to Crete with some friends on Thursday and we hope she comes back refreshed. As a family we have got quite used to her being around, she is always very pleasant, chatty and kind and it will be a loss if Jamie doesn’t mend his ways.

Got to pick up Sarah now, and must remember to book her some driving lessons!

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