Oceana 1

It was 12.15am before the sheets got snuggled into. The random movements of the ship were soon ignored and the Land of Nod enveloped the cabin.

It was 7.30am when I woke and then showered. Sue’s wrist is quite swollen and tender, though no signs of bruising have yet appeared. When we were both ready we made our way to the Jardine restaurant which fortunately was just down the corridor. Surprisingly we were only the 2nd couple into this Marco Pierre establishment (I bet he isn’t on board). I opted for an omelette Panini, strange but tasty.

100_6242 100_6250

Afterwards we returned to the cabin, where Sue chose to rest and I ventured out onto the decks to look for dolphins. With no sea creatures seen, I retired inside and checked out the gym (we shall see), before making my way to the Footlights Theatre via the cabin to see Sue. She joined me there just before a lecture on The Swinging Sixties began. The topic of course ensured its popularity on a cruise ship and the memories obviously flowed profusely with many murmurs of recognition by the audience. On its conclusion we remained in our seats for a short wait, before a presentation on Lisbon. Quite informative and gave us an insight as to what we could see in the city. As we had not booked an excursion in any of the ports we are visiting, other than Agadir, preferring to just go-ashore and do our own thing.

We had lunch then took a turn around the deck (bracing), part way around the Captain announced whales off the starboard side but we couldn’t see them, even through the binoculars. Perhaps he meant Wales?


We started the afternoon with a port presentation of Agadir. The city itself sounded drab and uninspiring so we were pleased we had booked a 4×4 trip to the dunes and wetlands.

A little later we both retired to our cabin for a little nap, cruising can be so exhausting in the early part of the voyage: getting to know the layout of the ship, deciding what to eat and drink and when, but of course the trickiest is working out your own itinerary so that you don’t miss out on anything you don’t want to miss. Yesterday we were sat in the theatre waiting patiently for a lecture when it was brought to our attention that we were just about to be presented with the film Philomena! A mad dash the full length of the ship ensued to the ‘other’ theatre to catch the start of our preferred activity. Today, we had planned to watch ‘Hercules’ but then realised if we were to eat before the afternoon presentation we would have to miss it. We ate.

On waking I ensconced myself in one of the bars and started my Lee Child novel, Killing Floor (with London Pride) while Sue washed her hair, one-handed.

We have been moved onto 2nd sitting for dinner, as our request last night. Prior to dinner we sat and listened to Pete Brew in the Atrium playing an excellent choice of rock guitar riffs. A very talented musician worthy of further evenings of listening.

We joined our new dinner partners at 8.30pm in the Adriatic Restaurant, there should have been 8 of us but two had changed to an earlier sitting, so that left 6. We got on well and chatted throughout the meal. Afterwards we watched a comedian in the Starlight Theatre, he seemed familiar and it eventually dawned on us that we had seen him on the Oriana in September.

In bed for 11.30 tonight

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