Rain at last!

Lucas’s Tree-house (without tree).

It has been quite a while since I sat down to add to the Family Blog.  A lack of rain has meant that I haven’t had the excuse to stop trying to catch up with all those necessary and unnecessary jobs that seem to keep appearing. It reminds me of life back at school when a ‘No’ would have been easy, but I found myself saying ‘Yes’ and then have to do something about it. The main problem now is that after a ‘Yes’ I have to try and remember, and that is proving more difficult as the years pass by. Talking of school, I was invited back last week by Richard Blewitt to watch an evening performance of ‘Oliver’. Sue and Sarah accompanied me. I don’t think the Head was expecting me as when I made an appearance he looked visibly shaken and nervous. However, his summing at the end of the performance was really rather good and quite humorous, a side of him that I had not seen before. The play was (as usual) very good, some of the children really did show some talent and the singing was excellent. We pensioners do appreciate a free evenings entertainment!

Can you tell them apart?

Trying to keep up with watering the allotments and garden as well as weeding, hedge cutting, mowing, pruning, planting and picking has been like running a  foot-race that some-one suddenly decided to add hurdles, but neglected where to place them and decided it would be more fun to do it randomly! Yesterday we had a family BBQ, Jamie and Harley didn’t come, then Lee and Sarah decided to eat out before going to see the new Harry Potter film at an 11.15pm showing.  I noticed as I was incinerating the meat that the plum-tree behind the BBQ was full of plums that were ready! So, Lucas and I filled 3 buckets with fruit as I occasionally turned over lumps of meat. Like the plums we had a lot of meat left over. One good thing was that Lucas discovered he liked plums and went home with a bucket full of them. Later that evening (10pm) I went to the Rugby Club to pick up the bar-takings as Gary (bar steward) was flying to Formentera the following morning, for a 2 weeks holiday and he had asked me to bank it for him (see the problem I have with saying no?) Charlotte and Harley were helping out behind the bar, it was Samantha Brown’s 21st birthday party (Sue and I had been invited, but had decided against it). Frank, Robin and Jeremy were there, and I resisted getting into past bad-habits. The music was too loud (my ears went numb!) and my ankle was sore from digging earlier that morning and I refused to dance with Lynn. I left at 11.45pm with a bag of cash.

I have just re-read the previous paragraph and depressingly I suspect I am now officially past it.

Tree House: I have been promising to build a tree house for over a month now, but events have contrived against it. However on Monday, as I was on my way to the allotment (on my bike) I passed a man filling up the boot of his car with wood. I inquired as to what he was doing with it (I come from Yorkshire), rather than waste petrol going to the dump he was only too pleased to let me have it . I returned 2 hours later to find a huge shed disassembled and stacked up ready for removal in his front garden. I rang Jamie and together we carried it back to my place. Rather than run the chain saw through it, I decided that I could make Lucas a tree-house from it and still have plenty left over to burn. The following day I did exactly that. The day after that I took it to Rothwell. I had planned to erect the base platform that afternoon and build the house on it the next day. But, as soon as the platform was completed, Suraj arrived from work and together we finished building it (except for felting the roof). The following day I re-felted the shed in the garden, the shed in the allotment and then went to Rothwell and finished the tree-house roof. Job done.

Last year I replaced the chimney cover on the roof. I went up there this week and was dismayed to see that it had melted (like the last one), I capped it with a plastic tub and put a house brick on top to stop it blowing off. I shall look into buying a  reclaimed chimney pot rather than the expensive Hi-tech aluminium substitute I had bought.

All I have to remember now is to sweep the chimney and buy the chimney pot before the winter (odds are against it).

I have agreed to (see there I go again) to help sort out the Club Website. The guy that is in charge of it is quite notorious for his in-action. I had a meeting last week with him and managed to extract the rights to update and change the site myself without having to send material to him. I have given myself a job I don’t want to do, but I find it quite annoying the constant delay before anything happens, so I have applied the old adage; do it yourself. I have been busy taking photographs and creating pages ready for publishing.

Jamie is fine. The other day I had to let a technician into his apartment to check his windows as he is having a problem with them. As I arrived I saw a Window Company van parked outside and two guys leaning against it. I asked if they were from the Company, one of them said “No mate, not me, I haven’t worked a day in my life.” He was in his 40’s, tanned and looked fit and had a smug look on his face. I was so gob smacked I didn’t say anything and went to look for a real worker. On the radio, driving home, I heard that out of every 4 jobs created this year in this  country, 3 went to immigrants! I used to blame the employers exploiting the proletariat for profit, I have just changed my mind, up the bourgeois. I shall carry a noose in the car from now on with a map with the location of all the lamp posts in Harborough!

Last Saturday, Sarah worked behind the bar at the Rugby Club at a wedding, she is doing it again this Saturday. I think she must like it.

Last week Charlotte was driving back from the Chinese Take-away when she hit a pot-hole in the road. The tyre burst, the wheel collapsed and the car slewed into a car parked at the side of the road. The road was on  her estate and the car belonged to a neighbour. Luckily she was not hurt. The hole was 11 cm deep and neighbours had been complaining about it to the builders (Bovis). A couple of days later they filled it in with concrete. Yesterday she bought a new car (Nissan 4X4) that hopefully will prove to be Charlotte proof. No doubt her insurance company will have to fight Bovis for the claim. Suraj wisely took measurements and photos before it got filled in.

Last week I got taken to see Transformers in 3D, by Suraj, Charlotte and Lucas. Very enjoyable, though I thought the action could have been slowed down so you could enjoy the spectacular combat scenes better. Sue and Sarah went to see a film, that I was assured would not appeal to me,I don’t know what it was called (see, it didn’t appeal). Sue and I went to see a comedy called ‘Paul’, very funny, I recommend it.

On Friday, in Leicestershire, the schools closed for the summer so Sue will have a few weeks break. We have plans to go down to Romford  at the end of July for the funeral of her Uncle Richard, who died last week of a heart attack. We are using a voucher that I won in a photo competition to stay at a DeVere hotel nearby. We have VIP status so are looking forward to it.

David and Genya flew back to the Uk for a week to visit relatives and sort out some interviews at the Unit. We didn’t meet up as we were both too busy. He asked if I could go over to Bulgaria in September, but I told him I wasn’t going anywhere until Sarah was sorted out for next year. I might make it in October.

Last Monday I had an MRI scan in Leicester. Very Hi-tech, I was most impressed, bet it was really expensive (and I didn’t even win the Euro-millions). Hopefully it will give us some idea of what is going on (other than old age). I have to wait until September for the results.

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