Oz 6

A much warmer night had by us both. We even had to open one of the windows to keep cool. Only one sleeping bag used this time and 8am seemed to jump out with a bright yellow sun, blue sky and a very large bird doing a tap-dance on the roof. While Jamie showered, I made put the beds away and made breakfast. Afterwards we got the code for the Camp WiFi and surfed a while.

By 9.30am we had driven 2 minutes to the beach and were photographing the “Neighbours’ scenery. I returned to the parked van to secure our belongings while an eager Jamie walked along the beach into the town.
I met Jamie on the concrete path leading to the Lighthouse after I had splashed my way through the surf, cooling my toes in the Pacific Ocean. Together we slowly made our way up to the lighthouse on the end of a promontory. Lovely vistas all the way. In fact everywhere we have been has been truly picturesque. At the very top of the cliffs we watched several large schools of dolphins fishing or playing just off the rocks below. We searched the waves for whales as it was the start of the mating season, but we saw none. At a little cafe by the very white lighthouse we had ice-creams and then set off back into the town.

100_7521 100_7526
We stopped awhile for Jamie to try on a few hats, but he couldn’t find one that he thought suited his character. I suggested a trilby, but he didn’t know what it was. We found a bar and had a much-needed, very cold beer and we followed this with yet another burger and chips. I shall have to overdose big time on salads to make up for all this tasty but junk food when I return.
Returning to ‘Shiela’ via the beach again, we spent the rest of the afternoon splashing in the surf. Some of the waves were very fierce and it was great fun being bowled over and over inside huge waves. We did have to be careful and keep an eye on the surfers and there boards incase we got run over, but as it was they stayed well away from the Brits.
After towelling down we gave ‘Shiela’ her ‘tea’ and then drove on to Woolworths and bought provisions for the next few days. Everywhere we go here there is a musician or a band playing music. Outside Woollies was a ZZtop lookalike playing some mean music.

100_7550 100_7565 100_7568 100_7569
Returning to the camp site, Jamie sat in a chair outside the van inviting the local mosquitoes and I fed the local birds that flocked around as soon as I opened my little parcel of saved chips from earlier. I didn’t recognise any of the wildlife that arrived to eat, but they were all large, very colourful and made strange noises, well at least to my ears.

I had bought myself a proper British Chicken Rogan ready meal to pop into the micro-wave while Jamie had purchased some Australian rissoles to fry. I think I enjoyed my meal more than he. We were tired so we sipped ginger beer in the van, chatted and surfed the net on or phones. As the ‘long weekend’ (Queen Elizabeth’s birthday) was over, most of our fellow campers had packed up and left this morning, however late on in the evening the plot next to ours was occupied by a couple of tents, this added a bit of interest as we observed them setting up.
It had been a long day and we were both tired, so our plans to visit the cinema and Byron Bay Brewery were put on hold.

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