Home and Away

Sue saw her doctor on the following Wednesday and by then the horrible looking blotches on both legs had started to disappear. He gave her some cream and tablets and over the next few days the legs continued to improve. At present you can still see the blemishes but they do not hurt ans she is able to walk quite normally. Last Saturday we both did just over 5 miles on a Council walk from Hallaton and had a splendid lunch at the Fox.

Breaking news: Sue has just looked on-line and found her ailment, it is called Golfer’s Vasculitis

download I guess she must be a secret golfer?

I have been busy in the garden, greenhouse and allotments, planting carrots, beans and beetroot, scattering slug pellets and watering my neat little row. Most things seem to be doing well, even though they have recently been left to their own devices. And are about to be again. The lawns have been mown, the hedges and ivy trimmed and the pool cleaned and dosed with chemical.

The weather has been quite inclement since we returned from the Far East and the drop in temperature has certainly been noticed by the both of us. We had some trouble adjusting to the time zone and the first three days back were certainly long ones, starting at 5am. Sue even took some naps in the afternoon to try to adjust.

Last Friday we had Mia for the day. Lee dropped her off at 7.30am on his way to work in Northampton. I had been looking forward to having a long walk with her, but the weather up to lunchtime was foul, with torrential rain. However, during the afternoon I walked her to Lubenham on the lead and then back through the fields, off the lead, she loved it. When we returned Charlotte and the boys  had arrived for curry night. Lucas, Mia and I played footy in the back garden with the new goal I had made during the week. Lucas got quite annoyed at how good Mia was at tackling. She earned the nickname ‘bite yer legs’ Mia. Lee arrived around the same time that Jamie did and took my little dog home. Sarah has been working nights this week and it sounds like it has worn her out, hence she didn’t join us for curry.


Jamie and I are doing a road trip in Oz and he spent most of curry night in my study, planning our route and confirming books, Charlotte , Sue and I sat in the lounge and watched the video I had made of our Vietnam/Cambodia holiday. It lasted 55 minutes , which I suppose is an indication of the many experiences we had. We have never been ones to lie on a sun-bed or beach and soak up the sun, though at times it has looked inviting. We all left at the same time, Jamie and the |Rothwells went home and Sue and I went to watch ‘Fury’ at the Harborough Theatre. An excellent and quite harrowing film about an American tank crew towards the latter end of the 2nd World War, I can recommend it.

However, the night wasn’t over. Just as I had snuggled into the pillow my mobile rang. Lucas had snuggled into Mum and Dad’s bed and while doing so had head butted poor Charlotte on the nose, breaking it. I arrived in Rothwell just before midnight, to be greeted by a very sore and bent daughter. Straightening noses was a task I often performed over the years , first playing and then coaching the gentle game of rugby. Though the last one I manipulated was around 8 years ago. But it is the second time that I have ‘shaped’ Charlotte’s hooter. The first time was when she was around 8 yrs old. I had come home from playing rugby , she was in bed fast asleep and when I gave her a kiss goodnight I noticed her nose was quite flat. She had banged it swinging on the bars outside Little Bowden School. She didn’t wake up when I pinched her snout back into shape, amazing! Not so that night, she did howl when I took a firm grip on her protrusion. She managed a smile as I left.


Breaking news: The Rothwells visited on Saturday afternoon, after watching Sywell Airshow in the morning and attending a birthday party at Mini-mischiefs in Harborough. Her nose is swollen but straight.

I have a new phone. I love my old one, despite the Photo gallery now not working so i have upgraded to a Lumia 735. A bigger screen for my failing eyesight and Cortana for my failing memory. Should be very useful over the next two weeks.

This evening, Jamie and I travel down to the Holiday Inn Heathrow as tomorrow we catch a flight to Sydney via Kuala Lumpar with Malaysia Air (fingers crossed). As I powered up the PC to write this blog I noticed some breaking news on the BBC News site:’ Malaysia Air Director announces the company is essentially bankrupt’. Not something I wanted to read. I contacted the holiday company and posed the question ‘How do I get back if they go insolvent while we are away?’.  With an assurance that they WILL get us back,  they have my mobile number. We fly tomorrow at noon. I think.


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