Favalosa Nineteen

Favalosa Nineteen
Palm Sunday today and we woke to the first grey skies and rain! Watched the rolling waves during breakfast, no sign of dolphins, they probably were staying at home. Attempted a little walk on deck, but too chilly and wet.

Continued to rain during lunch and visibility outside wasn’t great. We docked in Marseille around noon, the city looked wet and miserable through the gloom. We had been planning to go ashore and possibly get on the city tour bus, but the rain hadn’t stop and we didn’t fancy it, so after lunch we read the newspaper, drank coffee, did the crosswords and watched the rain through the windows on Deck 10. Ray and Glynnis went to disembark but the crew at the gangway told them that as it was Sunday, no shops were open, so they returned.
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The rain eventually stopped as we left port at 6pm. Marseille was just as miserable as it had been all day.

Our last evening meal on board was memorable because Mario (our waiter) performed quite a few card tricks and also bent a spoon, Uri Geller style.

On return to our cabin we started packing as when we dock in Savona we will transfer to Nice and fly back to the snow and frosts of the UK.

The evening entertainment was titled ‘Elan the Mine’. Obviously a French artist, a little lacking in material and substance (but then so is the nation). However, we did enjoy laughing at his antics and tom-foolery and despite the dismal weather outside a good time was had.
We had coffee with our dinner partners before returning to our cabin to finish packing.

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