Favalosa and back!

Favalosa and back!
Alarm set for 6.45 am, but woke and got up at 6.15 am. We had packed and left suit cases out side the cabin last night and they had gone. In our post box next to the door was the account for the cruise. Everything checked out except one item against the mini-bar. After we had both showered we joined the queue on Deck for accounts. It was only 6.55 am and the line was already very long! Half an hour later, it was checked, found in our favour and we were reimbursed.
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On return to the cabin we collected our hand luggage and went for a very full breakfast. We watched the ship approach the port while we ate and afterwards went onto deck to see it moor alongside the quay. The sun was out and just a few miles away over the tops of the mountains was a blanket of snow. It was bitterly cold and the wind was howling along the deck. By 9.10 am we were sat in the theatre waiting for our call to disembark. We were the first group to leave as we had a transit to Nice airport.

Disembarkation was straightforward and we were soon on the coach with our cases in the hold and sitting behind Jonathan and his mum. The journey took around two hours and wound along the coast. Many of the mountains were topped in cloud, but they slowly disappeared to leave a beautiful sunny day the further west we went. We passed through many tunnels (some of them very long) and above Monaco spotting a cruise ship in the harbour. Must be a lovely place to live.
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After having to transit from our drop-off point from Terminal 2 to Terminal 2, we checked in early. We said goodbye to Jonathan and his mum, who were catching an earlier flight than ours, and settled down to wait the 3 hours before we flew. With BA we had a nice snack on board before landing at a miserable and cold Heathrow some two hours later. Our baggage arrived quickly, but we had a freezing cold wait for the hotel Hoppa bus for the journey to the Holiday Inn. Once there we picked up our keys, found the car and set off home. We were home for 9 pm. With central heating switched on and hot water bottles made, it was off to bed after a warming cup of coffee. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

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