Favalosa Twelve

Favalosa Twelve
We sailed through another time zone last night so lost another hours sleep (still managed breakfast for 9 am!)

During the morning we attended another quiz. This time we came second, Sue and I got a Costa wrist band (as yet I don’t know what it entitles us to, if anything). We met the winner soon after in one of the bars, she came over to talk to us (I am a good judge of character and she definitely cheated).

Later in the morning we crossed the Tropic of Cancer, there was more dancing, more sparkly things fired into the air and for some reason there was an announcement that it was St. Patrick’s Day. When the compere asked for the two Irish people on board to make themselves known, they did not. Being Irish they probably thought we were in port and had got off.
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After lunch we attended a seminar on ‘Life aboard for the crew’ and the history of the cruise line. Afterwards we watched a video of the same. Quite interesting, well attended and the best thing about it was that it didn’t herald a curriculum change and I didn’t have to wear a silly name tag or fill in an evaluation form at the end!

During the afternoon Sue went for an ‘Elegant Tea’, she met Jonathan and his mother there and they enjoyed little cakes and specialty tea (blackcurrant). I read my book back in the cabin (they didn’t serve coffee or cheese) and then rested until dinner. The theme for the evening meal was black and red, so Sue dressed in red and I in black, but disappointingly not many other diners made the effort.

The entertainment was a talent show by the passengers titled ‘Roman Night’. We had Caesar and Cleopatra and the lions deciding with the audience whether to give the acts a thumbs up or a thumbs down. There were five acts, and to be frank they all deserved a thumbs down, but when you’re on holiday you feel generous and only one was fed to the lions!

Afterwards we had a coffee in one of the bars and chatted with our dining partners who arrived just after we did.

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