Favalosa Eleven

Favalosa Eleven
Captain’s Log
Stardate: 2014.16.3
Location: Alpha Quadrant 18′ 55. 54N 24′ 0.57W (just passed the Cape Verde system)
No Klingon (cloaked or uncloaked), Ferengi, Borg or other Federation ship sighted for 5 days now.
Navigational computer is suspected of malfunctioning and we are circling endlessly. Sue has reported seeing the same wave for several days and the sun has risen and set on the same sides of the ship for over a week. The expected fruit shortage has reduced the intake of fruit salad for the crew to one meal every two days. Boredom and a malaise has begun to set in among the principal officers. Will we ever see land again?
h (8)
Breakfast late again (9.15 am), apparently if we had been up at 7 am we would have seen the Cape Verde islands, luckily the captain resisted the urge to wave to the inhabitants. I did see some more dolphins swimming along with the ship and later a large white crate slid passed at great speed. Afterwards we played Scrabble in the library and later had coffee and read a awhile.

h (24)
During lunch we were joined by Jonathan and his mum. He had been on a tour of the crews quarters etc. that morning, I had also tried to book a place but it had been full, it sounded worth doing. Afterwards Sue picked up our passports from Deck 5.
h (15)

h (13)

h (14)
Gossip: One of the passengers died on board and he was disembarked in Forteleza (we saw photographs of the gurney and ambulance taken by Jonathan). The reason given for not getting off the sip in Forteleza was because of the rough sea conditions, when the docking gangway was being lowered one of the ropes snapped and hit one of the crew across the face and chest, knocking out his teeth, breaking two ribs and puncturing a lung. Lucky for him the ambulance and certifying doctor were already there to pick up the corpse!

I missed afternoon coffee and panini (resting) and felt better for it later. Sue watched for whales and dolphins on the top deck (in vain).

The evening meal was one of the best I have had on board, all four courses were delicious. One of the waiters entertained us with a couple of Michael Jackson numbers, he was very good and you could see he loved doing it and was pretty adept at working a crowd.

The entertainment in the theatre was a show put on by the crew and though obviously not as professional as the previous acts we have been treated to, it was enjoyable and the audience worked up quite a steam at times in supporting them by clapping and cheering. Our seats were surrounded by crew members who had been let off duties to see their mates in the show and we were in the thick of it (I think Sue is little deafer now).

Today has been a very pleasant 28 degrees, but tomorrow’s on board newspaper is predicting 21 degrees, plus we are crossing the Topic of Cancer and have another ceremony to look forward to. Can’t wait to put on a cardi’.

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