Favalosa Ten

Favalosa Ten
We crossed another time zone last night and again the clocks went forward again. This morning we didn’t make breakfast until after 9 am. Afterwards we went to the library to play a game of scrabble, however though at the beginning of the cruise there had been 6 boards to be used in the library only. Now there was none. We played a game yesterday with the last Spanish board. Just goes to show that all foreigners are thieving B#@@#$! and deserved the sound thrashings we Brits used to give them when we had an Empire!

Later Sue and I sat on Deck 10 and read our books, though Sue did watch a rather silly game of basketball with over sized balls and hoops until lunch. We were joined in our meal by Ray and Glynnis (Mancunian couple from dinner), we had a pleasant chat and for once the ‘Old Spice’ wasn’t overpowering. They are celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary today.
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Life on board during the Atlantic crossing is starting to fall into a pattern, mostly centered around the intake of food, interspersed with lazy and lazier activities. During the afternoon we both read our books and then, much to Sue’s delight she discovered that one of the scrabble boards had been returned, so we played a game. On the return to the cabin we came across the film crew who were filming a wedding scene. We stood for quite a while observing the goings on, then I fetched my camera and videoed it. Exhausted from pressing the shutter I rested, while Sue joined the sunset walk on the top- deck.
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It has been another blue sky day, but the temperature has plummeted to 28 degrees.

The evening meal was a Gala affair, which meant I had get into my suit (trousers getting rather tight now). Sue wore her green dress from Beijing. We had been again invited to the Captain’s Cocktail Party, but I didn’t wake up in time from my afternoon exercise to attend. After the meal our waiter (Mario) treated us to some more of his magic tricks (one was quite rude).

The evening show again was excellent. It was called ‘Circus Surreal’ and was a mixture of acrobatics, slapstick comedy and some rather clever computer generated graphics. Instead of having our after show walk around the deck we went to one of the restaurants for coffee and tea, we resisted the pizza etc. that the other passengers seemed incapable of. I have got to the state where I feel as if I am now just one long tube, continuous food in at one end and regular flushings at the other!
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