Since the last blog, the temperature has been up in the high twenties and not a cloud in the sky.

On Tuesday Lee came down to stay. Charlotte and Ellis came over and we all went to Dingley woods to see the blue bells and have a swing on the ropes. Much to my amusement (and Charlotte’s horror), I was in charge of Ellis when he rolled head over heels down the slope. Afterwards, he thought about crying, but the lure of the swing was too much and he was keen to have a go, though he did now look quite scuffed up and a proper lad. The blue bells were ‘going over’ but still out, and the swings were just as much fun as ever. On the route out of the woods we had to divert as Lee and I were wearing shorts and the path was overgrown with nettles (ouch!).

As we were walking through the woods, we spotted a cow in the field next to it. She had just given birth to a calf and it was trying to take its first wobbly stops. We stood and watched and mum stood and stared at us.

We stopped at the Cherry Tree on the way back for much-needed refreshing drinks and for Ellis to have a little play in the beer garden.

Last Wednesday, Sarah had her nineteenth birthday (doesn’t the time fly?). We had the family around for a BBQ and Lee came down to stay for a couple of days, for a couple of days. I had cleaned and chlorinated the pool, so it got used and was quite welcome as the afternoon was hot. Sura mischievously brought water balloons, and the younger ones chased around the garden throwing them at each other. Jamie caught Sarah a corker on the shoulder and didn’t count on the half-hour chase around the garden as she attempted to exact revenge. He eventually gave up and got soaked when he realised she was not going to stop.

The following day, Sarah and Lee went to a water park near Stoke on Trent. It was a good choice as the day was again very hot. They went out for a meal when they returned later that evening. The following day, Lee drove home.

Jamie seems to be enjoying his new job and is getting about the country quite a bit and working in the warehouse and offices. He occasionally brings back pieces of meat for Sue and they are frozen or cooked straight away for tea. He and Harley went out for a meal to celebrate 3 years of being together (doesn’t time fly?) Harley told us that her mum and dad may be moving to Norfolk next year and I think she said something about her going to Cardiff (may have got that wrong).

Last Saturday and went with some friends to see the Tigers play Harlequins at Twickenham. The Tigers deservedly lost, it was a lovely day out. We had drinks and fish and chips at the Lord Blucher before watching the match and sat on the shady side of the stadium. Just a shame that the Tigers chose not to ‘turn up’ on the day.

Harlequins v Leicester: live

I have been building some decking for Charlotte in the back garden. She came over one-day last week and we bought all the wood we needed and I transported it back to Rothwell on the roof of my car (slowly). She had to wait for a few days before I had the time to start work, which I did so with the help of a friend, Peter from the rugby club. We spent a couple of hours one evening making a start, and the following Sunday Suraj and I spent another couple of hours on the project.

On Sunday, Sarah caught the train to London. She is spending a couple of days there with Lee. They certainly have picked the right weather.

On Monday afternoon I drove up to Yorkshire. Aunty Josie (sister) was staying with Nan in readiness for their trip to Spain and I was taking them to the airport. We went to the pub in the evening and had an early night. We were up at 4am and on the road to Manchester by half past (over the moors). As expected it was a quick journey at that time of day, and by 6am I was with them in the terminal checking their baggage in. I said goodbye as they went into the departure lounge and I started a nightmare journey of traffic jams (road works) back to Harborough. I arrived around 10am, had a coffee and went to bed. I got up at 12.30pm, had something to eat, picked up Peter and drove over to Rothwell and spent another 3 hours on the decking. That afternoon we heard that a lady had backed into Suraj’s car in the Tesco car park (not too much damage but a hassle all the same). On our return to Harborough, Charlotte came over with us as she had to pick up her car which had been in the garage for repairs.

Woke up this morning to another hot day and the return of Sarah from London.

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