Going home today. Tried a breakfast of lamb curry followed by chicken curry, a few other dishes I couldn’t spell the names of and some yogurt and fruit. The thinking being that if  there was an unpleasant reaction, it wouldn’t be on holiday, but where the medical services were a bit more predictable. In the end (excuse the pun), there was no reaction and I quite enjoyed the experience of having the usual finish of a goodnight’ s rugby celebration, after I had woken up, instead of just before going to bed.

Bukit bintang from kl monorail 2009.jpg

We packed our suitcases before leaving the hotel for a wander around China Town. We didn’t have to check out of room until 2pm and the taxi wasn’t picking us up until 8pm so we had a lot of time to spare. We used the mono-rail to get to Maharajalela, which was the station closest to where we wanted to go. Beside the station was a Chinese temple, so it got visited, as did another just a 100m away.  We headed for Jalan Petaling (Petaling Street), which was the area where all the shops are. We spent a couple of  hours ducking into whichever shop front took our fancy, only stopping for half an hour for the obligatory cooling drinks. We bought Jamie and Suraj  T Shirts each  (labels of course and authentic we were assured).

We got the train back to Bukit Bintang and the hotel (Park Royal).  We cooled off again with a shower, took our suitcases down to the lobby for storing and then checked out.

We had decided to spend the afternoon at the Aquarium. The walk there was up Bukt Bintang Walk, onto the air-conditioned sky-walkway to the Convention Centre. It was a long route but much more pleasant in the cool.

Pedestrian walkway bridges tourist centers in Kuala Lumpur

The Aquarium was fascinating, it was laid out in much the same way as the many Sea-Worlds we have visited, but on a larger scale (both in size of venue and the exhibits). We spent around 3 hours there.

On the way back we decided to eat. Not sure what we fancied, we had several abortive attempts at choosing, but we kept changing our minds and moved on. In one establishment we got as far as sitting at the table having a hot peanut dish presented for our appetizer before deciding to move on. I think the fresh fried field frog was too f’s for us! We eventually ate Taiwanese as they seem to make their food out of recognisable ingredients.

We returned to the hotel, recovered our suitcases, went up to the guest facilities on the 6th floor, showered and got changed for the flight home.

PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur

We waited in the Lobby until 8pm and the taxi driver promptly turned up. Like previous Malaysian Taxi drivers we have had he was very chatty and the source of all knowledge, the hour’s journey to the airport passed quickly. As it was Friday night, the check-in desks were busy with people getting away for the weekend. It took half an hour to drop off our bags and get our boarding cards. As we knew what gate we were leaving from, we knew we had to catch a train to the correct terminal, so we made straight for it. We were one of the first at the gate and so as a consequence one of the first on the plane.

Again the flight seemed to go quickly. Of the 12 3/4 hours I slept for 8 hours and watched 3 films, had two meals and quite a lot of drinks. We landed at 5.30am, we waited ages for our cases to come off the belt, but that was made up by the bus being at the stop to take us to our car. We were driving home on the M4 just 15 minutes later.

We both agreed it was a great holiday. The Orangutans were brilliant, Malayans are very friendly, Kuala Lumpur has to be our favourite city, we are not over keen on Malaysian cuisine but there are plenty of other restaurants from other nationalities to choose from.  Both hotels we stayed at were top-class, and though we didn’t choose them we couldn’t have done better ourselves for location and facilities.

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